Jtech laser issue

I have an issue with my laser turning on full power at the beginning of a program until it reaches the area its supposed to engrave. It leaves a burn mark that’s unpleasing. This does not happen when I run my first engraving of the day, only on the 2nd (running consecutive engravings, same g code). Does anybody know how to resolve this? I’ve tried the forums but no luck.

Do you have dynamic power checked and saved under the tool menu?

Yes I do. I uncheck it for zeroing and then recheck and save before starting the program

Try this instead of your current method and see if it helps.

-Turn Onefinity and laser on, don’t home, leave Dynamic Power checked.

-You should be allowed to zero with an M3 command. Zero and run first project.

-Before running your second project, function the screen e-stop. Unlock the screen e-stop, leave dynamic power checked (I never uncheck it).

-Zero with an M3 command and run second project.

I haven’t run into your issue specifically but I don’t normally run laser projects back to back without doing the above steps. I did notice this though…when I run a laser job and then switch back to spindle, my laser gets put on a spindle mounted bracket that points out at the ceiling. If I forget to turn the laser off when I run the spindle program, the upside down laser fires at the ceiling as soon as the job starts. It appears to run at full burn from the home position to where the spindle starts cutting. This sounds inadvertently similar to your issue. Thankfully the laser is unfocused and hasn’t burn my ceiling.

My spindle is manually controlled so I always leave my Onefinity set up for the laser in the tool settings. I’m guessing that this is probably my issue. Not sure if it’s the same for you.

Thank you I tried what you suggested and it did work to solve that issue, still a little annoying to have to do that but hopefully they fill fix the bug in the future!

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Definitely annoying but I’m glad it worked for you. I also hope that the known laser issue fixes are part of the next firmware update.

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