J tech 14w burning upon turning it on


I recently set up the 14w Jtech on my Onefinity and I think I misunderstood the steps for setting the laser at a low feed when adjusting the Y & X axes. The instructions said to set the MDI on the controller to M3 S50 and then end it with M5. It’s possible that I did this incorrectly, and now I can’t get the laser to stop burning immediately when I turn it on.

I’ve uploaded a picture of my mistake: as you can see I just started putting numbers in and then there were a few typos.

Please advise on how I can correct this and start over. I’d really appreciate it.


What exactly is the issue? If you use a lower S value (instead of 50) you’ll get less power, which should fix your problem (which I assume is the burning during setup).

The M3 S50 is essentially just telling it to turn on the laser at about 5% of the maximum power. Which isn’t a lot, but is enough to burn apparently. I can’t recall what I used with mine when I had a 14, but I’m pretty sure it was single digits. Just test and find the lowest power you can that it still switches on.

You can turn the power off with the M5 command or just hit the square button to stop as well.


Hi Thanks for the feedback. The issue is I’ve attempted to insert a lesser power M3 S10 and I then inserted M5 to stop it and it doesn’t appear to make a difference. It just keeps running at the same power. It’s possible I could be doing the sequence wrong or I have too many commands running. Not really clear on how this MDI feature works, considering this is my first time with the laser.