4th axis for journeyman

When will you have a 4th axis available?

You could switch to a third party controller and have a 4th axis now.

Which controller do you recommend, would Camsoft work?

I haven’t figured out one yet. On my other CNC routers I run a Gecko G540 with ethernet smoothstepper controlled via Mach 3 to run my machine with rotary axis but the G540 only has 4 axis control. Could run two of them to get the A axis but that would get a bit more expensive than I would like. I hear the new buildbotics controller can run both y axis on one port so it could be configured to run a rotary axis.

Does onefinity use buildbotics?

The controller that Onefinity uses is made by buildbotics, but it is different than the controller purchased directly from buildbotics.

Its not made by buildbotics. Its made by Onefinity. It is based on buildbotics open source software.

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So if a buildbotics controller can do 4th axis and onefinity is based on that, why dont onefinity offer 4th axis?

A buildbotics controller cannot do 4th axis (rotary).
Don’t bee fooled buy the front of their control box saying ‘4th axis controller’. It can do 4 different motors, however, that doesn’t mean rotary.
There are 4 axis on the controller, however, the onefinity uses all 4, 1 X, 1 Y1, 1 Y2, and 1 Z. There is not a 5th axis left for a rotary.


I just saw this on instructables.com

The guy makes a simple 4 axis, and then just changes the way the cncs y axis moves. Thought it was cool to share


Hey Freddy, hey all,

article worth reading since it explains the background of how a toolpath for a ZX+rotary axis is created from a 3D object.

Note that if you attach a rotary axis to the Onefinity CNC, usually you don’t need an additional axis (which would become available if you run both Y motors on one driver). You don’t even need four axis drivers, since the most-used rotary setup is to set the motors to X, A and Z axis, since you don’t need Y on such a setup:

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