A few questions - perhaps for FAQ?

I just learned about the machine and it looks very well thought out and impressive.

A few questions are a bit unclear to me, although I know things are moving fast so I understand.

  1. One of the videos of an early maker that I saw referrred to 700 inches per minute rapids. The current PDF (which doesn’t have a date/revision mark that I could find) refers to 500 ipm rapids. Which one is correct and could you add a rev date mark to the mouseprint of the data sheet?

  2. What are the cutting rates like? They sound very impressive. I saw the video of milling aluminum, I think it was at 275ipm? Is this achievable in a stock config on the production machine?

  3. Baltic birch is a popular material for makers. To properly engage a 2 flute 1/4" compression bit you ideally want a feed rate that is quite high. Using this rudimentary calculator: https://www.cutter-shop.com/information/speed-and-feeds-calculator.html it suggests an optimal feed rate at 18K RPM of 396 ipm - 468 ipm. Some heady numbers indeed, but potentially possible with this machine?

If you turn down the speed to 12K RPM then the feed rate window is 264 ipm to 312 ipm. It sounds like this would fall within the capabilities of the Onefinity. Correct?

  1. Absolute kudos on making the machine so easy to put together out of the box. Brilliant product management and understand the challenges of home/hobby end users. I am so impressed with the fore thought.

  2. Put me down for an upvote on the ability to access files from a NAS and/or Dropbox etc. Cloud account. It’s a bit of a step back to have to sneaker net the files over to the device on a USB stick. However, if you can use a shared windows directory or dropbox directory that would be sweet.

  3. Is it possible to drive the machine from a third party GCode sender like UGS? I’m guessing no, having just seen the video about the homing being done via the innovative motor power detection routines.

  4. How accurate/repeatable is the unique homing mechanism? I have prox sensors on my current machine and they work brilliantly but I love the idea of it being built in instead. A whole mess of wires and a four port relay and power setup would vanish.

  5. Is it feasible to build a machine with this design in an XL format that would provide a cutting area of 48" x 32.25" as a potential future product?


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Have I posted in the wrong spot to ask questions?

No, perhaps just a bit much for one post?

1)we lowered the rapids from the beta to 500 because it was just too fast (in the fastest jog mode) because it was just too fast to control.
2)you can go way beyond 275ipm
3)You can get upward of 400ipm
4)thank you!
5)add this to the ‘requested features’ forum thread
6)No, it’s built into the controller, so not without ‘hacking’ it.
7)I guess we’ll need to do a video for it.
8)We only have the two machine sizes.