A little sign for a friend

Made this sign for a friend just for the fun of it .finished it in epoxy


That’s pretty neat, I like it. :slight_smile: Sure your friend will like it too. Is it for an internal installation or external?

Incredible likeness, did you engrave the images an then paint or just paint on the wood, also why epoxy, was this to waterproof it, either way your friend should be very pleased

That is very nice work. How long have you been CNCing?

This was made to be installed inside his trailer

I used vcarve pro to trace the picture then vcarved it .then my son painted the colors

I got my first cnc machine in April of 2020 .I thought it would be something I could do during this covid stuff .that machine is a shapeoko xxl .I got that machine up and running but didn’t like the belts that it used. I purchased the onefinity as a pre-order and have had it for about 3 months now .I have both machines still and each has it plus and minuses .but I definitely say the onefinity has the lead .

No my son thought it would be cool to fill the trees with colored epoxy to give them some depth so I thought this would be a good one to try a complete coating on .I had never done one before but seen them on YouTube and wanted to try it

Is it epoxy both sides, sounds like a good way to waterproof it?

No this sign is going inside the trailer. The back side I just sprayed with spar urethane,We did the epoxy for looks nothing else.