Aluminum Extrusion Table

I have already ordered the Oops clamp set with my OF but this is an interesting option. Thank you very much for all the info shared.

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Very cool. Looks solid, and I really like the raised clamping block idea. I wonder if something similar could be built into a slotted panel of MDF.

With the cost of lumber right now the price difference on your build probably isn’t even that bad! haha

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I hope Carbide 3D fixed their production issues on these clamps. A couple years ago I bought a set & ended up sending them back because the dowel pins were loose & fell out of them. Had I paid ‘Chinese’ prices for them I would have fixed them myself, but they charge a premium price so I expect premium quality. Carbide 3D was very good about accepting the return & issuing a full refund, and acknowledged the issue. Kudos to them for that.

Then you have my thanks Bill! I didn’t know this was a past problem. Looks like Carbide may have taken your advice to heart because the pins are seated rigidly in place on the 2 sets I bought.

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Glad to hear that! I did like the design of them, and thought they were nicely made otherwise.

Here’s my 1F. [Making my waste board less boring.

The good news is 2 mounting holes per foot of 1F is exactly hit the extrusion profile of the Misumi which more than enough to secure the 1F to the base. It’s exact on the measurement if you have 1250mm wide assuming if you have 5 of this 250mm Misumi. Since I have MDF in the center I can actually adjust the MDF if it didn’t alight but luckily it did. If I wanted, I can build the bed with all 250mm (I have 2 extra just missing 1 more). But I decided to keep the MDF.

The bad new is I still haven’t build my table and still sitting on the flimsy IKEA table. :smiley:


Looks awesome! Loved the pac man maze too!

Here’s my final aluminum table
Demo of my custom OneFinity CNC table. - YouTube

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That is a very beautiful well thought out design! Nice work!

Thanks.Love it. I just finished adding my wasteboard v2.

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You have probably the nicest table I have come across great job! I have a few questions about your set up. The 3d file of the 1F provided by AndrewBrown was it accurate in feet spacing to design the table? I am about to start working on designing my table and I want to split the bed in 2 parts that can be independently lowered. I want to fit a 20" object at least on the bed and have various levels I can move the bed up and end as a normal table. Do you have any recommendation on parts I could order to do this. I am going to look through those sites you shared and see what I find.

Hi helpmebuild welcome to the forum! In order to answer your first question I would need to understand something about Onefinity’s assembly repeatability process, which I do not. And as far as I am aware, (someone please correct me if I’m wrong here) Onefinity has not made any public records concerning their assembly repeatability process. So take the following answer with a grain of salt. When I built my table, I had no idea if my Onefinity machine was going to match AndrewBrown’s model so I built in tolerances and contingency plans incase something did not turn out the way I expected. I am pleased to say that AndrewBrown’s model was very accurate for my application. The X axis alignment for the feet ended up exactly where I wanted them to be. I never checked the Y axis locations because the orientation of the extruded aluminum slots aligned in such a way to allow me to slide my CNC forward and back to a desired location. With this being said, Onefinity’s assembly repeatability process must have some good tolerances if they are willing to support and sell a secure from beneath frame. Food for thought.

As for your second question, I assume you are talking about the frame being independent of the table and thus allowing one of these two components to move in a vertical direction would achieve your desired result. If this is the case, there might be a way to do this with a lifting column (see the attached photo’s below). I friend and I were thinking about this idea a while back but never got the chance to put it into practice. More research would be needed, but it should give you a place to start. This subject was talked about a bit further on Onefinity’s forum here.

Here’s a document I created for my Machinist, and you just add 16" for the Woodworker. These dimensions worked perfectly for my base.


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Excellent work on the diagram :+1:

Thanks Sammy! Just another day at work. :wink:

Bill, thanks for providing this footprint PDF. I have been trying to avoid the squaring issues I have heard people having when setting up their woodworker machine. I am hoping to plot the footprint and use that as a template to mount my machine. Now I can concentrate on what to use for a spindle now. Much appreciated.


You’re very welcome John, glad I could help!

CANNOT find any 250mm extrusions on Misumi web page - do you happen to have a part number, please?

disregard - it’s under Special Aluminum Extrusions → Flat Aluminum Extrusions → Flat Aluminum Extrusions with Shoulder, Slot Width 8mm (MISUMI)

I’ve decided to go a different way; the 4omm x 120mm extrusion fits the 1F foot bolt pattern within 0.013"

I was looking at Misumi as well, although I was looking towards the 40-4012 extrusion to support the rails (80mm between the two outer T-slots). Did you find the 15mm thick “flat” style extrusion to be stiff enough? Also, I plan to do a hanging/folding table, and one of the 40-4012 will be the “hinge” side of that member. Thanks.

While not quite yet built, here’s my design of my aluminum extrusion model with vertical clamping base