Size for Machinist table

I’ve got a Machinist version ordered to be delivered in December. I’d like to make the table I’ll mount it to ahead of time. I’ve found recommended sizes for the larger machine but not this one. Can anyone tell me what they have build? I have limited space so I don’t want to guess on the size. Thanks for your help.


I just found this l, maybe it can help for the start ;

As far as the actual table, I’m putting it on the same one my x-carve was on. The table itself is 2’ x 4’, but the machine will sit on a custom machine base I’m currently building for it. Hope to be done with it today or tomorrow.

Thank you. That’s very helpful, I had not seen those. Since I posted this I found that the dimensions of the black control box should be 9.75 x 7.75. Obviously the wires are long enough to mount the box next to the machine but I’ve also seen in other posts that mounted it under the table to keep the dust away from it. I might want to go under since I’m getting a laser too .If anyone sees anything wrong with my tentative plans please let me know.

If you can share a picture when it’s done I’d love to see it. Thanks for sharing that.

Absolutely Larry, stay tuned. :sunglasses:

Got the base done today. This design is a redesigned version of the one I used with my x-carve.
The steel top is 7 ga. (.179") with 1/4-20 tapped holes on a 2" grid. The frame is 20 x 40 aluminum extrusion, and the whole thing is sitting on 16 rubber isolators.

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Wow, Steel! I didn’t expect to see that. Were the holes laser cut or water jetted? I ran an industrial laser for a living and zooming in they look like lasered holes. I’m considering using a piece of .625" aluminum for a base but after reading the install instructions about how to keep the side rails parallel, I’m not confident in my ability to accurately drill the holes for the mounting screws. I may call Onefinity and ask if an accurate dxf file is available and if it could be used it to precut the mounting holes.(I’ve got access to a water jet to do that). So many decisions to be made, I don’t mind it at all. Thanks for sharing the pictures, I’m very impressed.

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Well, conventional wisdom would dictate that aluminum is probably the best choice, but I had the steel plate made much cheaper ($175). My previous one was laser cut, and I hand-tapped all the holes. I believe this on this one, the plate was laser cut and the holes were processed on another large CNC router. It’s a vendor of a place where I work, so I had them process it for me. I didn’t relish the thought of hand-tapping all those holes.

I had some conversation with @Mark of Onefinity, just to verify the dimensions before I committed to the steel plate. I would be glad to share the DXF file, but I can’t upload it here (won’t accept that file type). If you would like it, just message me your email and I’ll send it.

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Is this for Larry or Bill? Sorry, I don’t understand your question.

Seems more like a misplaced general question. @Bunbun109, email Onefinity and ask. Try to rephrase the question, as this does not translate to a legible question.