X50 Woodworker Table Size

I recently ordered an X50 Woodworker and have watched just about every video on YouTube I can find in preparation.

One video said a 46x46 table top is good on the 44" Kreg rails. I plan on going with a 48x48 (less cutting) doubled up mdf with some unnecessary walnut trim.

Is this going to be big enough? I plane on mounting the control box on the side.

Thanks for the input and I look forward to creating some cool stuff.

A really good idea is to put the controller on the underside of the table (wire extensions). We’ve seen to many controllers FULL of dust causing issues :stuck_out_tongue:



Like the Onefinity team says, place your controller on the underside to save space. I did this and it keeps pretty much all dust out. If you know how, model it in SketchUp or to scale on paper. I have the Woodworker on a 48x48 with no room left but it’s a perfect fit! And I built it before receiving this awesome tool. Fit perfect!


Oops, by “on the side” I meant on the side of table, not on top with the 1F.

I am currently working on CNC enclosure, This guy seems to have the best model I have found in the worm hole of YouTube. Give it a look! I will also include the link to his Etsy store, I have talked with him thru email and he is a very nice guy and although he does not have a model specifically for the X50 he does have several models for many different machines in the different brands.

You could easily adapt his plans to the largest model and modify them to your configuration and needs!

Also here is the link to the exact enclosure that I was speaking of (XXL) it is only about 6" shy of fitting the machine we are talking about.

I hope this helps

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Hey Jeff,

I don’t know what is shown on youtube videos, but for the Original Series the dimensions are here (page 14 and 15), and for the Elite Series the dimensions are here (page 17), to be found on the “Support”) page on the Onefinity CNC Home page. Also the QCW Frame manual / Foreman QCW manual with its dimensions can help.

Additionally, the following can be of help:

See also the very popular threads full of information related to table dimensions:

Hope this helps!


I started building my table for my X50 woodworker (arriving August 2022) with a 48" X 48" table frame, on 2"casters/w stops on two wheels. I made a 45" X 48" shelf on bottom and the top is made of 2 -26" X 56" X 3/4" Burch plywood boards. Cut slightly oversize at the lumber yard, I trim the edges with my Shaper Origin handheld CNC Router. I had to make a special setup to add marker tape in order to accomplish this task.

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I skim the 52" X 56" tabletop to make a perfectly square top with 1/2" corner radius. first pass I stayed .05" away from finish size. I used one CNC machine to make another CNC table!

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Hi Jeff,
This what I did with the 44" Kreg rails. I bought a 4’ x 8’ 3/4" plywood and cut in two. Glued them together and attached a skirt around the it (painted grey). I mounted it on the Kreg but offset the top a bit on the rail on two sides, This formed a wire channel between the Kreg and skirt. I the drilled three 1" holes in that space with plastic grommet inserts and ran the X, Y and Z cables plus the monitor cables in that channel. I finished the plywood edges off with 1" x 2" trim over the plywood edges. I mounted the controller on the side. I did not need any extension cables. The table top is now big enough to accommodate a Dust boot in front in case you build an enclosure (which I will be doing) and also a drag chain if one is inclined. I will be adding a shelf and drawers in the future as well.


Hi, I am hoping to purchase a onefinity x50 woodworker. The space I hope to install it in is only 48 inches wide. Do you think the onefinity, monitor, cables, etc can be adequately installed on a benchtop within a 48 inch wide space if I mount the control box under the benchtop?

@Rob945 You should be fine with that width as long as you place the controller somewhere else. Depending on how far you put the controller, you may need an extension cable. The ones that come with the machine don’t leave much leeway for placement. Are you going to be able to access the back of the machine where you are going to place it? Many users have expressed regrets at not having a way to get at the back of the CNC without reaching over everything to get at it. Makes clamping larger projects and maintenance a chore. Just one more thing to keep in mind

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