Cnc Table Hindsight 20/20

For those of you already up and running with your cnc I would love your input and thoughts on how you would have built your table differently or how you would modify it. What lessons have you learned that a new customer might find helpful? If you built it again what would you change? Is a basic table work well or was it over built? Would you add reinforcement under the wasteboard or other parts of the table? Do wood screws work well to mount the cnc feet or are you bolting it through 2 sheets of MDF? Larger or smaller table? For those of us new to cnc and possibly carpentry there is a lot to learn from all of your experiences and knowledge. And pictures are worth a thousand words especially for us visual learners. :grin:


Hey @Techrise - I have couple things I’d like to change.

First, providing more space around the machine - I’m constantly laying things down around the machine and they have gotten jammed up in the mechanics. Maybe perhaps I need to stop leaving tools laying around, but until I can modify my behavior more room would be good.

Second, I don’t have an enclosure and I’m constantly fighting chips and dust everywhere. Though I never intended to have an enclosure, I am reconsidering the need.

To that end, I really wish I could walk around my machine. I only have access from the front and leaning over to get to the back of the machine (clamps, clean, etc.) is quite the pain in the ***.

Other than that, I which my waste board had a combination of t-track and either dog holes or threaded inserts. I’ve found the t-track clamps are simply too tall for most purposes. Even the shorter ones get in the way. Example, I just ran dust shoe into a clamp on Saturday, it came off the magnets and rammed into the bit, destroying the center insert as well as ripping out the threaded insert that holds the insert into place. It was a spectacular moment that could have completely been avoided with lower profile clamps. YMMV.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Tom. Space is always an issue. Being the sort of guy who only wants to build this table once would locking casters be a viable option? I have looked at flip-tops and wall-mounted options but lack the carpentry skills, tools, and confidence needed for these projects. And definetly want to have an enclosure but also want good access around the machine. It seems like one must compromise a bit. I like Mitz’s design for an enclosure. Also unsure how much stress goes into the table. How well does the table structure need braced. I have seen several people use torsion boxes. Just don’t want to over build it.

What is a dog hole anyway?

There’s various tools/clamps and such that work with large holes bored into the table surface, including using them for fences, etc… Here’s an example.


My Kreg table has locking casters. I like the ability to keep all my tables & tools mobile, as much as possible. But the CNC will move around a lot - there’s a lot of force every time the motors moves the axis around. If you have the ability with your shop setup, I’d suggest keeping the table on casters, but building in a way to clamp the table to the wall to help lock it down. When Onefinity updated the firmware to speed up the jerk setting, it was clearly obvious my table was not nearly heavy enough. My shop is a metal building so I still need to find a way to clamp down the table, without drilling holes through the building’s skin.


Thanks @AdamsLeatherWorks your W.I.P. table is one of my favorite designs. Never saw any completed pics…? Have you noticed any side effects with the center hole cut out? Love the center insert idea and locking the table to the wall.

I haven’t built that version of the table yet. My 8-5 and my leather business keep me pretty busy and I have barely gotten to use my CNC - my son has used it more than I have. He and his friend have carved a few topographical pieces out of exotic woods for their Etsy store. This is my table, prior to installing the wasteboard.

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I’m pretty happy with my table so far, but I do have a regret with regards to the spoilboard. I went with an 8x8 grid of t-nuts that I can connect clamps to from the top. I saw a lot of folks did 10x10 grids, but I though 64 clamping points surely would be enough. In my short time using the machine I’ve already had a few times when the reach for the clamp was further than I would have liked.

The good thing is it is a spoilboard and by its very nature will be eventually replaced. Maybe with a 10x10 grid or maybe t slots next time.

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My desk is mounted to the wall and well secured. My only concern about casters would be a lot of movement using rapids or aggressive cutting.

I like Mitz’s design - our machines are close to the same height so I can add an enclosure like his fairly easily.

I wouldn’t over complicate it initially - get something sturdy, use the machine for a while, then make decisions for changes and upgrades.



What size would you make your table with an enclosure in mind? Also what are you using the space underneath for?

Currently with the woodworker I’d make the table 50x50 or 55x55; I designed a shelf into the desk but never put it in. So right now I have my filament storage containers under the desk. Ideally I will put drawers in for all the tools that keep floating around the desktop.


I made my table 60x60, full enclosed. The machine is screwed down to 3/4in Baltic birch plywood. I do have casters on the bottom but I currently have the enclosure sitting on 2x4 blocks to support the weight and keep the whole thing from moving during operation. It definitely takes up a lot of space in the garage but has plenty of room inside for laying attachments and good space underneath for storing items. I’m considering adding doors to the rear so I can walk around to clamp the material instead of climbing up in the enclosure to do it.

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Can you guys tell me what height you went with for your table? What would you recommend?

My table is 37.5" to match my tablesaw height and other workbench.

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I just got my machine last week and just finished up getting wasteboard drag chains and and everything in final position and mounted. I have a Kreg 48 x 60 table and the table height that the wasteboard is screwed to is 35.75. Is on the adjustable legs. I have the locking casters but was worried about table moving with casters on so I haven’t installed them yet.


Looks great! Where did you get the monitor stand from?

It’s the stand and another holder. The holder that came with the stand didn’t hold the 10" surrender that well. Links below




I ordered the boom and mount thank you. Did you make the covers on the Y wires I love them gives it a finished look and protects the connectors. Selfishly I want a pair as well.
Thanks Dave

I made the y wire covers in fusion then 3d printed them. Do you have 3d printer?