Machinist table - what to plan for

Hey Folks,

Like most of you I am awaiting the arrival of my 1F CNC machine (Machinist) and am in the process of getting her a place to call home (i.e. a table). Got a small work area so I will be making the table on top of a Kreg 28" x 28" Universal Bench.

Looking for ideas on what size the table top should be, where best to place the control box and monitor and any other ideas that you would like to post.

Thank you

Hi @imgona, your 28" x 28" bench should be just perfect for the machinist, although you won’t have room for the controller in the top along with the machine… perhaps the controller box could be mounted underneath.

Hey Bill, agreed. I seen your table design (awesome !). Space management will be key in my setup. Thanks for all you are doing for the 1F community.

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Well, thank you for your kind words, and for being part of the community yourself! Had I not already had the 2’x4’ table that previously was used for my x-carve, I would have got the Kreg 28" x 28" table myself. My work area is very tight, only half of a 8’ x 20’ enclosed area under my carport (the rest is used for stuff like bikes, lawn mower, snow blower, etc.). So every square inch of space has to be fully & efficiently utilized. Because of the tight work space, my projects are usually materials other than wood, which would create a real mess in such a tight workspace.


Bill, wow if I could only be that organized … I am pondering the table top size, possibly 40" X 40" to allow for sufficient room around the machine for a cable track, some type of monitor mounting system and what not.

My table at 24" x 48" is is less than ideal because my machine overhangs front & back a couple inches, which in turn required pulling the table out away from the wall a couple inches. I think an ideal size would have been about 30" x 48". The open table space next to the machine is necessary for work area.

When I had the x-care set up, it was more efficient use of space. I was able to have the table high enough so the green tool cabinet could fit under the table. The 1F is a taller machine, so I had to lower the table a couple inches, and could no longer park that cabinet there.