My 1F Machinist setup

Here is my build, few more things to do then on to the fun. Thanks


Very well done Imgona. Clean and to the point of needs. I like it

@imgona, Very nice. I went with Kreg table as well for my woodworker. Whats the black box on the left (not the power strip)?

Bill, it had to be mobile and able to fit through the shop door.

Rocky, the black box is the JTech Laser controller.

Appreciate your kind words, have an awesome CNC day.

Looks Great! I have a Machinist too, you’ll love it.

@imgona Do you have measurements for the actual mounting hole locations? I reached out to @OnefinityCNC via email, but have yet to hear back. I am looking at ordering this model, but would want to make an aluminum subplate for the machine to mount to.

Is this what you are looking for:

@TMToronto That is exactly what I am looking for, Thanks!

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That is what I used to plan my table. :+1:

Hi, your set up looks great, can I ask if you made the monitor stand yourself or purchased it from somewhere, it’s just what I’m looking for

Thanks in advance


Dave, I purchase part of it (it’s a short metal table leg), 3D printed a mount for the monitor and a mount for the touch plate. Thanks

I’m beginning to wish I had a 3D printer as well, doh !

It does come in handy, printed parts for the drag chain system also. :grin:

Looks very tidy and inviting! One suggestion, it might be a good idea to route the estop closer to where your body will be. Hate to climb inside the box in an emergency. And, the digital estop on the screen isn’t good enough. I wish they would just drop those since they give a false sense of security.

Thanks Brad, please look at the left side below the monitor. ALL power is routed through the KREG switch. Do appreciate the suggestion.

Can I ask does the E stop switch on the control just cut power to the machine and if so is there a potential to cause any damage to it

I understand the router power is a separate supply.

And if so is there any reason not to extend the e stop to somewhere more suitable if you decide to locate the control box somewhere under the bench top like this example


Any time a raspberry pi is powered off abruptly there is risk of corrupting the SD card. That said, the e stop used in cases it should be (actual emergency not just as a power button or convenience stop everything because you get frustrated), a bit of manual effort should that happen (rare) would be acceptable

Yes, I completely understand that the E stop should only really be used in an emergency and not for convenience, I am pretty sure I will locate my control under the bench top and was thinking of adding a NVR switch to cut the machine (Control) and router power in an emergency in an accessible position,

does anyone see a problem with doing that?


Fantastic, I did not see/recognize that switch. Well done!


I see no problem with it and agree you would want an E stop is a location you prefer (as that’s what I did with the KREG switch). Happy CNC’ing …