Got it all together!

Surfacing the spoil boards, which used the Onefinity to make all the holes. Next will be the grid lines. This thing is AWESOME!!


Very nice build. What are your table top dimensions?

48"x60" is the top, 3/4" plywood.

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I really like your idea with the storage space for everything you need for the CNC I would assume

Thanks James, yes everything I use on regular basis for OneFinity, and the large draw is a small 3018 CNC I started with, that slide out for use.

I see you set yours up with the Y rails backwards. Are you running into any issues with your carves because of it?

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James, no issues yet, but have only made couple test carves and some hold down clamps

Trying to learn here. What is the benefit of putting your Y rails backwards?

When you home the Onefinity now does it go to the rear right corner?

I didn’t want the wires across front of machine with the front drawers I have.

no you go into setup and tell it the rails are swapped, don’t remember how off the top of my head but Onefinity has a video on it. Just look up onefinity on Utube.

My plan is once my Journeyman rail shows up I was going to remove the Y axis wires from the lower tube. It looks like the part that holds the connector inside the tube is just a 3d printed part that’s pushed into the tube. I would rather have both the motors and the wires in the rear.

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