First project on 1F

besides spoil boards and clamps. Chickened out and made it on pine, but came out ok. Learned quite a bit, broke a cheapo 1/16 end mill, and made cuts too deep. Satisfied for the most part, will make a better one. It’s for a coworker, my first sale!


Nice work! … and multi layered!
Good stuff

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Looks fantastic! I have not set my 1F up yet as it is way too hot lately in the garage. How did you get the gridlines on your spoil board? Like I said I am very new to this and I have not set mine up yet probably won’t until fall.

JFab, I followed the Mitz’s video on utube, Onefinity training. Don’t have the link, just search for Onefinity training tips and tricks, it should come up. Used Carveco Maker for the grid, but probably similar to other CAD/CAM software. Mitz does a awesome job of walking you through multiple things with the Onefinity!

Final version, should have done a little more sanding. BUT I HATE SANDING!