Recommended wasteboard, clamps, and flattening file for all Onefinity CNC machines (Via Myers Woodshop)

If you do not go with our QCW waste board (found here) and opt for a more traditional mounting on a table top for your Onefinity, we recommended the Myers Waste board system for hold downs, flattening, and clamping. We find that it is a great complete system, with low profile clamps that you do not need to worry about cutting into if mistakes are made. Includes the flattening file for the wasteboard. The fence system is perfect for repeatable cuts. Everything is already preprogrammed for you as well. If you’re new to CNC, this makes things much easier. All you’ll need to do is open the file in your favorite CAD program and export the gcode.

You can find the Myers Wasteboard system here: Myers Woodshop Wasteboard Fence and Clamps MEGA Pack Every | Etsy