Onefinity Info - Installation and Operation Instructions - Woodworker

Here is a link to the Official Onefinity CNC Assembly youtube video.

Here is a link to download the: Woodworker Owners Guide


In the instruction manual they state that you should build up your waste board to 2 1/2” to 3” to reduce momentum forces. I think I understand that but I haven’t observed anyone with a waste board anywhere near that thickness. Is that a generally ignored issue?

In 20 years of CNC work I’ve never seen a wasteboard that thick. I used the standard 3/4" MDF. In the past where I’ve recessed threaded inserts into the MDF, I’ve used a 1/8 or 1/4" sacrificial topper of either MDF or hardboard fastened with pin nails (23ga). I’d use the MDF wasteboard program to carve the needed holes into the topper - just changed the depth to the topper’s thickness plus a hundredth. That way the holes line up perfectly for hold down clamp bolts.

I was just curious.
My machine came last Friday and have been working to finish the table and mount the machine. Had a problem with the x-axis rocking on the mount. Tortured myself trying to find the error in my table. It wasn’t the table the x-axis mounting pads were not aligned. Onefinity support directed me to a video for adjusting the Y- axis and I figured it out from there.
I will get to the spoilboard next week.

Hey ScottS,

Was it this video?
Support: Removing Twist From The Onefinity Rails. (community created)

Yes but I was working on the x-axis so I loosened the the screws as directed in the video but nothing happened. When I loosened the screws on the sides it just flattened itself down to my table saw top and I retightened all of them and everything is straight now it mounted up with no rocking. I was working on only the one end that was obviously not square to the other end.


I’m still muddling around setting this machine up on my table. Got everything mounted and connected today and immediately screwed up jogging the machine back to the front to fasten the front 3 final bolts and lost the zero. I think I hit the -y button 2 times to many. Instead of reading 0mm it’s at -200 y. So I never got to a formal home your machine notice/icon. I switched it off unplugged it and when I restarted I got the home machine direction which I did.
I wanted to score the table top for a guide to cut and place a spoilboard. Of course I can’t get the z to home to the table top; punched a couple of pricks into the probe so I just lowered z mounted the bit to where it would scratch a line and manually jogged around the perimeter. When I measured that it 31 1/2” x 31 1/2” I thought it was supposed to be 32 x 32.
Any ideas where I’ve messed this up.

FYI I fixed it. When it rehomed everything normal.