Squaring the machine

I still have 3 months of anticipation as being relatively late to jump on the wagin. In the meantime im planning the install/ trying to learn as much as possible.
I havent seen any instructions relating to squaring the machine, can someone kindly point me in the right direction.
Also, i have seen a lot of you use MDF as your table top for the Onefinity. This seams very convenient, but was wondering if this would not allow for sagging to mess with calibration?

Thanks in advance.

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If you watch the Onefinity Video on there website “Official Onefinity CNC Assembly” It will automatically be squared up when you finish setting up the CNC.
Here is the link.

If the link doesn’t work got to there website and under support you will find the video.


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I will have a look!

Sagging will only be an issue if your machine is not properly supported under the frame. You want reinforcements under the table where the machine sits. MDF is primarily for the wasteboard construction that sits on top of a strongly built table.

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I agree with your concerns about MDF for table top. Besides sagging, it doesn’t hold screws as well either. What I choose was 3/4" hardwood plywood for the table top. MDF is for the spoil board only. T-slots mount to the plywood.

MDF will sag if not properly supported. And you will strip the screws or split the wood if not properly pre-drilled. But - MDF is way flatter “out of the box” than any plywood I’ve seen. Vertical ribbing across the longest sections will prevent sagging (same for plywood). As for the screws - treat them kindly and they will return the favor - pre-drill and be gentle - it will work out :wink: