Mounting on table

My plan was i was going to setup in my basement for winter and my attached garage summer. So i do plan on using the fact this machine can disassemble/ reassemble easy. my tables are MDF and i know mdf dont like being screwed in over and over. Is it a good idea for me to place threaded inserts into the mdf for the onefinity to be screwed in and out of ?

I’m no MDF expert but I’m going to use 3\4 inch plywood and I’m going to use T nuts or bolts with washers and nuts. I dont think any wood product works well after a time or two of being screwed and un screwed :grin::+1:

@St0mp - yes, you definitely don’t want to reuse holes in MDF. You might get 2 maybe 3 uses before the holes will strip (sometimes they strip the first time - ask me how I know :/). Even plywood will strip over time, but it is a lot more resilient than MDF in that regard. You will need to get different bolts - the screws provided with the machine are specifically designed as self-tapping wood screws. An M5 bolt with a washer should work, but I would need to measure the hole to validate.


If doing a torsion box add wood blocking in the corners to accept the screws.

Whether it’s plywood or mdf if you plan on bolting/unbolting a lot I would have some metal plates with a welded nut made and embed those under the plywood. Inserts nuts in plywood will only last a few times before they loosen up.

I hope i can explain this right. asking for thoughts on this idea to fix my issue. 3/4 in. MDF or typical ply 8x48 inch’s 2 pc. screw onefinity into along y axis. use the overhanging MDF/ply to use to clamp onto table? would this work? plan on using about 8 clamps 2 per corner. then i should be able to move around with out digging into a table each time?

@St0mp - given the weight of the MDF and machine, there probably isn’t a lot of need to clamp the baseboard down. But, I am having a little difficultly visualizing your setup.


kinda picture if the Y axis. had a pair of ski’s attached and i used the ski’s to attach it to the table. one ski per y axis support (just like one ski per foot). the onefinity would be screwed into the “ski” then the ski would be clamped to table. or positioned on the table so it could not move. I Hope this gives a better picture of my thought?

Ah, yes, I get it now. Yeah, you definitely want to lock the rails down some how. I’m curious what you are doing for a waste board though?

typical MDF should be ok to use. I think? granted the “ski” would cause the machine to lift up 3/4. but once you place a 3/4 MDF waste board the machine should still reach the bottom i think?¿? if not could double up on waste board? but i dont think that will be needed. Think im going to do this today. need a break from learning software today anyway:) feel free to say this is a dumb idea if this is a dumb idea. P.S. only reason why everything for me is MDF atm is im on quarantine until the 24th only thing i have atm

I am a newbie to all this cnc stuff and am looking forward to getting started. I see what you are doing though. It should give you an extra 3/4” of depth on projects if the Z axis will travel that far, which I think it will. I was thinking about this in the beginning, but never saw anyone try it.

If you left out the waste board it would allow you to place a thicker part in the machine but really the Z travel would not be changed. your bed level or height would be the thing that changed. What im trying to do is create more of a footing for the machine. to allow less damage to the table when pulling on/off. or to allow a clamping method to be used

Simple… just thinking about this wrong. 2 strips of mdf bolt strips to table, mount onefinity into strips, when strips fall apart replace strips… guess i just needed to think out loud sorry… but i think this is going to be the resolve.

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I haven’t thought a lot about this but I’m thinking maybe if the Z doesn’t go down far enough maybe use a longer cutting bit?? Or have I missed the boat on this ?

Do not think it was you. I misunderstood what he was attempting. The OF comes with an adjustable Z axis anyway, so depth is not a big issue I do not think. I am just a week or so out before mine is shipped. Am excited and trying to learn vectric now. Just want to get started.

@St0mp - have you considered “permanently” mounting the OF to the “skis” and then fastening the “skis” to your work surface using something reusable? Maybe threaded inserts or t-track or something? Clamps would be fine too. That would keep the machine aligned at all times, but still let you move it around?

That is pretty much the idea. When i talked about 2 clamps per corner attached to the ski :slight_smile: but still iffy if that will hold once i move into aluminum. (long term goal) started leaning to bolting down the Ski to the table. and not doing the clamps. It would be easyer if i could just clamp it like that but unsure…