Wasteboard files - Myers Wasteboard, ruler and 2" grid

Here are files for onefinity wasteboard. The ruler was created for laser, but could be cut with vbit or engraving bit. if using laser, offset correct amount if using zero zero(home) as location.

The grid is 2" x 2" grid, that I used vbit on to cut. cut as fast as you like. i chose .1 deep to have good edge to grab work when laying down and getting square.

Use Myers Wasteboard as a starting point:

or support his work buy purchasing on etsy:

laser ruler, grid and myers wasteboard vcarve file.crv (758.5 KB) 1F grid for wasteboard 1F grid for wasteboard.dxf (15.5 KB) 1F laser ruler for wasteboard.dxf (295.6 KB) 1F laser ruler for wasteboard


laser ruler, grid vcarve and metric file.crv (1.2 MB)

I made a variation of Myers file that replaces the laser cut ruler with 60-degree V-Bit. In fact, the whole thing uses the one bit. BTW, I had to shrink it to 32"x32" because Onefinity Woodworker complained that I was outside the bounds of the CNC. That meant, I had to edit all the grid lines, too. Worked OK, but next time reduce depth of cut a bmw-ruler, grid and myers wasteboard vcarve file.crv (1.2 MB) it (1/16" is too deep for best ruler legibility).


could you save that in a dxf file for me

see if this works. it has holes for threaded inserts if you need. they have to drill from bottom. if they are screw in, use the inner only and drill from top.

Layne Mims

mw-ruler, grid and myers wasteboard vcarve file (1).dxf (576 KB)


Wow, this looks great. Thanks for sharing. I did my first cut yesterday (wasteboard surface) and it went fine after I overcame the software hurdles - eventually. I don’t know how to do anything yet, but learning is half the fun.

I like it.

mw-ruler, grid and myers wasteboard vcarve file.dxf (302.7 KB)


I like this will be adding to my spoil boards.

Hi Michael, Thanks for the grid! I am having problems though. I home all axis and zeroed the z axis, but every time I go to play the file, it “cuts” in the air. The bit seems to be 3/4" too high. Any suggestions? I’m new to all this. I must have something wrong in my settings in v-carve pro.

Did you set your set Z zero to the top or bottom of your material (in VCarve) , and did you probe the waste board top or work table top when zeroing z axis? The 3/4" discrepancy may be the result of these not matching.

The Z zero position should be machine bed. Correct? Where do you set the wasteboard top or work table top?

Under 'Job Setup" > “Material (Z)”. I am only going by the videos I have watched, so hopefully this helps.

for spoilboard file, set zero to top of material.

It says the thickness cannot be zero. Am I missing something.

It tells me that the x axis is “under” when I load the file.

There’s two types of zero. When you home, xy and z set to zero. Then you have to zero the job. In this case, x and y are the same zero as home, but z zero is at the surface of the waste board. If you have the probe plate, turn it over so indented side faces up and zero the z axis on the top of the probe plate.

Hope this helps.

Tried that didn’t work

I did set the zero to top of material, now x axis is “under”

Not sure if it helps (or if you have already seen it) but here is a video on the topic that I had bookmarked for review for when my machine arrives.

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I got it to work, here are the v-carve and g-code files for a 32" x 32” grid and 32" x 32”boarder2inch Grid 60VBit.ngc (1.9 KB) 32 x32 - 2inch Grid 60vbit.crv (53 KB) Boarder 32 x32.crv (16 KB) Boarder.ngc (294 Bytes)

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