Wasteboard Grid file

I created a Wasteboard 2" grid in Easel - size 32x32. Generated the tool paths and Gcode using an Amana 60 degree Vbit. Homed the X50 then probed for XYZ (left front origin). Loaded the file and got the following error messages:


Did I make the file coordinates too big for the CNC, or what? Would love some help with this. Still shy of making my first cut (other than Wasteboard flattening).



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I did watch the videos first before creating the wasterboard. I drew the machine limits box on the bed, then cut a wasteboard to fit the box drawn with the vbit. After flattening the wasteboard, I wanted to create the grid pattern. I used Easel and made a 2" grid and exported the Gcode. Booted up the Onefinity loaded the file, homed the machine, then probed for XYZ in the lower left corner of the wasteboard (again, the edge of the box drawn by the machine early on.

After probing and powering on the router and hitting “run” is when I got the error message, and the machine would not execute the program. So my question is - do I set a new XYZ inboard of this to get the program to run, or what?

Thanks for your help.


My V bits are a little shorter than most of my other bits. For cutting the wasteboard they sometime need more reach. In those case I’ll carefully seat the bit in the makita collet so it is fully seated, and no more, in the collet. Be careful not to put too little in since that is dangerous.

Also, which screw hole is you z gantry in? If middle or top, consider moving lower hole if your v bit can’t reach your wasteboard.

Finally, and maybe should have been first, slowly lower the bit to see if your v bit can reach the wasteboard. If it cannot, then the two things above may be able to help. It has to be able to reach the board and still have more z travel left to carve however deep your grid is.

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I homed the machine. Used a 60 degree Vbit, turned on router. Using the joystick for Z, eyeballed the DOC and using joystick, etched the spoilboard perimeter (32 1/4” X 32 1/4”) into the table top. Note: I’m in the middle holes on router bracket. After mounting spoilboard (32 1/4” X 32 1/4”) from the lower LH corner I measured in 1/8” from each side of lower left. My spoilboard grid was on 2” centers so I manually set X and Y zero to the mark previously made, brought Z down manually until 60V bit just touched and zeroed. Ran my program which gave me a 32” X 32” grid, with 2” centerlines. I’m using VCarve Pro but shouldn’t matter on the software as long as settings are correct. I have yet to master the techniques when trying to cut or surface materials that are on the maximum limits of the X-50 Woodworker, but have found some simple work around’s to get the job done. Hope this helps. FYI spoilboard surfacing was much harder than the grid. I constantly got “over” errors.

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Thanks for sharing this. I was operating under the assumption that I could use the maximum cutting area of the X50 (32.25 x 32.25), and used my etched surface as my border and beginning for the grid pattern. I’ll try your method shifting inward 1/8" X & Y then run my 2" grid pattern. Hopefully, that will get me where I need to be for now.

Thanks again,


Mitch, I’m using the center holes for the router, and Amana vbits - they are all 2" length and inserted well into the collet and no problem reaching the spoilboard. My goal with the grid pattern is a cut 0.015". That should be easily visible.

Thanks again for your response and suggestions.