First spoil board

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I am starting to CNC, and my first project is to flat a spoil board. I am having some difficulties between Fusion and Onefinity.
I already tried every YT channel and different configurations. This must be something simple that I need to change, but I can’t see it.

I have a Journeyman (48x32in) and did a spoil board 48x32in, even smaller in Fusion, to pass by the error.
What is happening is that the face operation is bringing the 1,5in surfacing bit from outside, and that is increasing the area that the machine need. Another thing is that the material on Onefinity software is showing above the cutting area of the machine.

I appreciate any help. It’s been quite a few days.

Thank you very much,

![Screenshot 2023-05-28 at 8.27.55 AM|690x341](upload://g9mswOagGBVdfzie7gJRJ


Don’t use Face for the spoilboard. Use a 2D pocket cut and start in the center. You will be able to keep the tool from going outside the machine limits.

Hey @Gus, hey SkyKam,

And you don’t need to take tool diameter into account as there is enough extra room around the workarea for a tool overhang (see Cutting area location). This way you avoid corners not surfaced.

Awesome, Thanks SkyKam and Aiph5u. The toolpath works with a 2d pocket. But I am still getting the stock over the cutting area. Do you know how I can fix it?

Thank you!

Hey Gus,

by probing Z.

I usually probe z a few times around the surface to find a low spot. Like near the four corners and the center. Use the lowest spot for z zero to minimize depth of cut. If you find a place where the bit did not cut, restart with this spot as the new z zero. Always trying to leave the spoilboard as thick as possible.

Thank you very much. That worked very well! I was struggling for days.

I appreciate the fast response and willing to help!


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Hey Gus,

glad to hear you have success now.

By the way, the manufacturer offers these support videos:

By the way, be sure that before flattening the wasteboard, you made the two checks for rectangularity (“squaring”) and coplanarity (that machine is not twisted) (e.g. with the two fishing lines method) as explained here, as flattening the wasteboard can remedy none of them. Especially the check for coplanarity, as the result would be twisted workpieces.

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Hey Aiph5u,

I watched the videos mentioned before and checked the rectangularity when installed, but I never thought of checking the coplanarity, and I will do that for sure.

Thank you,