New from Springfield, Mo

I am a disabled Veteran with memory issues. I bought a Gatton CNC kit plans but it is beyond my skill so I have been looking at X-Carve XXL and today I learned about onefinity woodworker. Would you recommend end this for a novice with learning issues? I need a CNC that can do a minimum of 30” wide for clocks.
What is the best bench table to put it on?
What size water or air cooled spindle can you use instead of a router?
How large a table?
What other accessories do I need to get?

Optionally can you add a basic laser to the onefinity? What about a way to use it for round objects on a 4th access for walking sticks or Harry Potter wands?

Well, first and foremost, thank you for your service. I am Army Big Red One. I am in KC, Branson, and soon to be Hot Springs Village. I am on this forum because I bought the woodworker last October, and it supposedly shipped this week, so I don’t have it yet. I built a 45 x 45 table for it in my 10 x 12 Tuff Shed in KC. Specifically, I used two armor tool 54" workbench frames (yes, they sell them without the top for $159 each.) it makes a perfect 45 x 45 table with a full 45 x 45 shelf underneath. You have enough parts left over to make a 16.5 x 16.5 (mini Armor tool table) that I hope will be perfect for something else. It will be a tight fit with one of the motors hanging off on the right side 3/4" (which is okay). I can always make it wider by putting another sheet of ply on it, if needed.

I’m not planning on a spindle ( I bought 2 Makita routers just to be safe). It will do up to 32.25" if I remember correctly. I will go to a spindle if I find that is needed. Accessories - I did the touchplate, controller, suckit pro, and I bought the boom off etsy. Yes, you can get the laser for something like $670 but I used that money for VCarve Pro now since I only want to learn one software package for it once. I will get the laser if I find a use for it. I don’t know about a forth axis, but I suspect they will have that in time.

You will need to show us your clocks sometime - take care - Mike

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Thank you for your Service My Father was Big Red One.

I’ll add my thanks for your service as well. My knowledge isn’t first hand, but I’ve done a lot of research. From everything I’ve seen assembling the xcarve is not for the faint of heart. I’ve seen anywhere from a low of about 5 hours to over 12 hours of assembly time with hundreds of parts. The OF I’ve seen assembled in realtime on youtube in about 15 minutes (which likely would be quicker if the builder wasn’t explaining everything to the camera as they went.

In any CNC you’ll need to get comfortable with software to design your projects.

I’m going with the router for now. It’s the only one officially supported by OF and since I’m new at this stuff, I want to go down the main road. I’ve noticed that many experienced folks here do go the spindle route and someday, I may go that way but for now it’s the Makita for me.

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I am trying to decide between saving for a laser engraver or a CNC that can handle 30” wide products minimum. Trying to learn wood working and sadly dove off the deep end with out looking and have $7,000+ in wood shop tools half of which I do not yet know how to use lol.


Mostly do scroll saw and wood burning, want to use the laser engraver to lightly put the image outline on wood then hand burn the details.


Thanks, and thank you for the reply.

Looks good Ed, I had a lot of your standard woodworking tools too (big table saw, bandsaw…), that I was capable with, but not good at, if you know what I mean. I took some woodcraft classes over the years and made some good projects and met a guy who sets up sales in KC for used woodworking tools. We had a sale in December, and I made enough to more than fund the OneFinity and some of my shop refit. I still have a 13" planer, a 6" jointer, and a small jobsite tablesaw. Like golf for me, I was always better at buying woodworking equipment than I was at making things - other than sawdust. I hope I can change that model.

I live 10 min from a Grizzly Store and over the course of two years, I have bought and STILL trying to pay off the credit card LOL. I have a 14" Bandsaw and 6" adaptor (Not installed), 14" Floor Drill Press, 12x18 variable speed benchtop Lathe (still in box), 6" Spiral blade Benchtop Jointer, 1HP canister dust collector (still in the box until I know where tools will be to run the pipes and shutoffs, Dewalt 13" planer (might upgrade to spiral cutters), bench grinders, Oscillating edge belt, and spindle sander, Porter Cable router set, cheap Grizzly router table (Unassembled, might upgrade to Kreg or better), couple nail guns, 25-gallon air compressor, 3 workbenches, and a Dewalt 10" contractor saw that I do not yet use, might make a portable tale system for someday. and still, dream of a decent Laser Engraver with Rotary Attachment like an Epilog Helix) and a decent CNC 4’x4’ minimum but think I will save for the Onenfinity to get me started Still researching what spindle I can use and if they can use more powerful laser than 7 watts. And at least $1,000 in accessories to go with all the tools. many of these I do not yet know how to use but hope to learn eventually. all I ever really wanted were the CNC and Laser engraver but yet they are the last items I am getting.

Lol, I’d be in trouble if I lived that close to Grizzly. My table saw and some other smaller stuff was from them.

I only have a 10 x 12 Tuff shed, so it was more a matter of space than anything. I just got my OneFinity today, so it was a fun day. Of course, it snowed and this upcoming week is supposed to get -6 and -9 and teens for highs - just when I would want to be trying out everything. I took the display and the controller in until it warms up. I have it all setup and can work on the wasteboard t-track setup after I warm it up someout there with my heaters.

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I am amazed it has been two years since I bought anything at Grizzly LOL I say self-control, My bank says I am too broke.

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