XY Woodworker dimension

I am preparing to push the button and order a Woodworker but… The first job commissioned when I receive it will be 10 36"x36" round table tops engraved. Does anyone know any tricks to get this done on a OneFinity? I have spent months in researching machine’s then this.

I just measured and the internal X dimension between the gantry blocks is approximately 38” so placing a 36” tabletop blank shouldn’t be a problem. If you need to carve outside of the ~32” OF’s cutting capacity you’d have to get creative with tiling somehow. Y axis would be easy, X axis not so much.

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Your table tops will fit between the rails so it shouldn’t be a problem as long as you don’t need to work closer than 2 inches from the edge.

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Thanks Steve
I would be wanting to cut a 36" circle on the CNC unless I can come up with some way of cutting the radius by hand. I have a 14" bandsaw, jig saw… but no edge sander and would hate to spend time hand sanding
I have been seeing something about tiling? Looking into larger CNC 48 X 48 but the price goes up about double as far as I have found

Thanks Alden,
As you can see by my late response I am stumbling through. Haven’t ordered mine yet. Spent months reading and comparing the best bang for the buck and settled on the OneFinity. I wanted to get to the place where I felt comfortable with the CAD-CAM understanding. I’ve been using carbide create tutorials but must admit I’m feeling a little intimidated. Would you recommend carbide create for the absolute beginner? I’m just looking to do some signs, juice grooves in cutting boards to start.

If you have settled on the Onefinity, which is your best decision, then I would seriously consider VCarvePro. I have tried Carbide Create but was not that impressed with it. It has too many limitations. I desire to become a master of the Onefinity and the only way to do that is to have the best software. I am still learning and have not regretted spending the money on VCarvePro. When I am more proficient with it I plan to upgrade to Aspire and design 3D projects. When I started last year, I was an absolute beginner and realized that I would have to spend a lot of time learning CadCam. I started with Carbide Create but soon realized it would limit me in the long run. I didn’t want to have to learn another software down the road knowing I was going to have to switch over at some point. Why not invest now and spend my time learning the software that I knew I could stick with. That way my time wouldn’t be wasted. There are many good tutorials for the absolute beginner both on utube and the Vetric website.

As far as doing just a few signs and grooves, if you learn your software well you will be motivated to do much more once you realize the scope of this machine. As much of a challenge as it is, I have been having a blast learning and creating interesting projects. I say look ahead and go for it.

Have you considered making a circle cutting jig for your router? You could rough cut to within an 1/8" then use the router and jig to make a perfect circle. Then do a round over, bevel or ogee edge to your liking.

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Thanks Ron,
As a matter of fact I ordered a circle jig and it should have been delivered by now.
Thanks for the input and reminder.

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