Journeyman Dimensions

Apologies if the answer is here already - I don’t see it. For the purpose of building a table and enclosure, what are the dimensions of the Journeyman? Is there a diagram somewhere?



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Good Morning Jim,

I had that same question as well… I do not thing OneFinity has posted that up yet, I would expect it to come in a few days when the release the full details of the program etc.


Thank you, Alex. At a certain age it is just as gratifying to confirm something is not there as it is to find it on one’s own.


I sent the folks at Onefinity an email asking for the dimensions of the Journeyman a few days ago. I have not heard back from them. I suspect that they are swamped with orders and haven’t got to the email yet. When they give me an answer I’ll post it.

Some of their team is sick at the moment which may also account for extra delays.

Yes, I’ll be patient.

I remember it being posted that it’s slightly less than 16" wider than the woodworker (I think 1/8" under). I decided to upgrade to the journeyman so I’ve been planning my table size. It looks like lumber, at least around here, is starting to come down some in price so I’ve been holding off on buying what I need.

This is welcome information, Alex. Much appreciated. Regarding lumber - Not much of a drop in lumber prices around here. A day or two ago I think I saw Menards proudly advertising a 2x4x8 “premium whitewood” stud for more than $8. “Premium” these days means bowed or twisted, not both. Whitewood? I have never visited the magic forest where the whitewood tree grows. Good luck with your table, and thanks again for the information.

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The Journeyman xRail is 61 inches including the stepper motor.

This is according to Onefinity.

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That is a terrible thought “at a certain age” and I hate the fact that I can relate.

With those dimensions am I wrong for thinking the cutting on a sheet of MDF would be pretty good with minimal waste? If you made your table top 62" X 48" you would end up with a 48" X 34" (slightly smaller after the cut) piece for a wasteboard?

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I’m wondering the same thing. I have about 10 weeks before my journeyman comes in and I want to build a table and wasteboard. Anyone able to answer Pete’s question?

Hey Trevor,

How do you mean the question? Are you asking the cutting area of Journeyman Machine? Or do you ask about the space between the feet of the machine?

Source: Onefinity Anatomy and Specifications ALL Machines (06.02.2021) (1).pdf

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The above forum discussion talks about effective table sizes - among other things.
Your plan to maximize a 4X8 sheet of material for both table and waste board should work, however as mentioned in the discussion, 1F recommends a width of at least 72X49.

The above discussion stresses that a width of 62 is bare minimum, leaving no supports for cables or controller beside the CNC.


Hey, Trevor, hey Tom, hey all,

I quoted that because it differs from what’s in the specs, where it says 61 3/8″ (when I get the machine I will measure how much it really is).

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Good Morning!

This definitely helps me visualize things. I was hoping to use an existing workbench, but I think I’ll need to build a new one just to be safe.

What would you recommend material wise for the top of the table? I’ve read some people using plywood, others using MDF.

I figured using 2x4’s for the frame should be ok. This is a pic of the current table I was originally going to use but it’s a little too small.

My table is 70" x 50" and I think 70" is the bare minimum I would go. 48" would work for depth. My MDF spoilboard is 49" x 40" and is too deep if I want to tile. It may not show up in the pictures but my spoilboard cutter couldn’t reach the ends. It’s not too much of an issue as I could use a hand plane to remove the lip if needed.

I have a little over 8" between the controller and the Y axis and that is barely enough. The controller is mounted to a block of wood and hangs over the side. While it doesn’t look like it would there’s the possibility of the X and Z axis wire getting caught on the E stop button.

The table is made from 1 1/8" Advantech subfloor plywood. The stuff is very strong.


Depending on how much it is, you might be able manually to remove the excess with the joystick controlling the spjndle and set the depth of cut via MDI. It’s what I had to do.

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I surfaced it manually with a CMT 2 3/8" surfacing bit to get the full range. I didn’t have my truck so I had to have the 4x8 3/4" mdf cut down to 60". I used the cut off for the spoilboard. I could have ripped it down but I figured having extra depth for support for clamps would be useful if working on something close to the maximum size of the Journeyman. I have one of those hand held power planers that would easily take care of it but until it becomes an issue I’m not going to bother.

That’s a very nice-looking setup for your VFD panel! Is that something custom you built that you could share details on?