Journeyman Upgrade Installed!

Just got the Journeyman upgrade. Install was just as easy as setting up the original. I did have to use their homing tuning video as the X was not stopping at first.

It weighs a lot more than the original xrail w/stiffy bar.


Wow! What a monster. The comparison photos really bring home the difference between the two. Thanks for sharing.

Looking good! Thanks for posting.

What size table do you have?

I got a notice for the return label for the X-axis but not the notification for the Journeyman being shipped yet. It should be soon though. It’ll be nice to finally finish my table and spoil board.

Beautiful can you share a link to the video that you’re referring to sir thank you

my table size is 5’ wide by 4’ deep.

I would say that is the minimum size possible. I have the controller mounted on the side of the box.

Here is a direct link to the stall/homing fine tuning video. they have quite a few setup videos. I recommend checking them all out.

Cool ty I haven’t had that issue yet thanks for video

Just curious what the cost was to upgrade from the woodworker

It was $850 plus tax and shipping. $975 was the total. The promo deal requires returning the old X-rail

Do you have to pay to ship it back or they send you a return label?