Upgrade Woodworker to Journeyman?

Can this upgrade be done by just buying the Journeyman x-axis? I suspect there’s more to it but I had to ask. I could really use a 48" axis.

Have a look at the upgrade program. https://www.onefinitycnc.com/upgradesinfo

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I just completed this upgrade. I had the original woodworker and bought the journeyman upgrade. It was super easy! Luckily the table I built originally was wide enough for the new monster. After mounting the new X rail, you have to go into the settings on the controller and load the settings for the journeyman. Done. Ready to surface the new spoil-bard and get to work!

FYI, the new rail includes a longer cable for the y axis on the opposite side from the controller. The original cable will not be long enough.


I’m glad your experience went well. Can I ask what it cost, all told? Did they give you any trade in value for your old x-axis?

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Sorry for the delayed response…

I paid $850 for the rail and about $130 for shipping. The cost of the rail is discounted based on the return of your exiting rail. Included in the box is a return label for the existing x rail. You have 30 days to ship your replaced rail or you will be charged full price for the new one. With the return label included, you will not pay to ship your rail back to them.

Just found your post about your upgrade to the Journeyman. Considering this. Any thoughts on your experience? I am wondering about the additional weight of the X rail on the Y rails and whether you are experiencing any flexing? Also, can you tell me the footprint after the upgrade (outside to outside on the bases of the y rails).

I too did the upgrade. I also added the QSW frame… worked great and simple to do. Very happy with the upgrade … selling it only to move up to the 4x4 Elite