Onefinity CNC is proud to introduce the X-50 (X-Axis) and the Onefinity Journeyman CNC

I wonder if it would be possible to but the upgraded stepper motors and the 16/16 lead screws with out the full 50mm shafts?

Nothing like enticing me just before the machine ships!

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Or making me regret my purchase which is still in the box.

It is not. You’ll need the get the full rails.

Not sure which price you would have to pay before order ships. Ordered the woodworker so would you pay the woodworker upgrade price or the journeyman price.

I presently have the Machinist on order. Can I upgrade my Machinist’s X-Axis (only) to the X-50 37-3/4" length 50mm diameter X-Axis rails? This would result in Cutting Area: X-Axis = 32-1/4", Y-Axis = 16-1/4", and have the stiffer 50mm X-Axis rails and upgraded lead screw/stepper for the wider X-Axis.

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