Differences between X-50 Journeyman and X-50 Woodworker

Hi all,

I am a little confused about the differences between the X-50 Journeyman and the X-50 Woodworker upgrades.
When I look at the site, both descriptions seem basically identical to me. The only difference I have noted is that the X50 Journeyman specifies a cutting area of 48".
Isn’t that the purpose of the X50 Woodworker as well?
Would someone be kind enough to explain the differences to me?

X-50 has nothing to do with cutting capacity. The 50 is a reference to the tube girth which is 50mm for the X axis now. The form factor (cutting area) is determined by the model name: machinist, woodworker, journeyman.

I know…I made the same mistake, too, initially.

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Thanks @www,
If I understand this correctly then :

  • the X50-Woodworker is simply an upgraded X-Axis that has shafts of 50MM instead of 35MM.
  • the X50 Journeyman is a unit with a capacity of X 50 and Y 32.

Basically right. It also has a beefier motor and ballscrew.

Thanks for clearing that up for me.
Hopefully it will also help clarify for other people.

NP. :slight_smile: I would love to get the Journeyman myself but I just can’t work up the space for it. :frowning:

Same here.
Also the fact that we are just finishing the enclosure for the Woodworker, we cannot justify the extra costs at this point.
Hopefully with the new program, we will be able to upgrade at a later date.

I have a concern coming from my uneducated mind. I still have not received my Woodworker.
I read that if you upgrade to the x50 X-rail It has a stronger motor and can cut faster. But if you up the speeds and feeds for the X50 rail ability won’t that be more than the Y-axis can handle and put strain in that direction of your carvings?

As I said I have no CNC experience yet so please educate me if I am thinking wrong.

Y has 2 motors (one on each side)

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