1st post. Size matters and vertical clamping for finger joints & tenons

Yesterday ordered an X50 which I have wanted for a while now. To begin with my main interest is in joinery at this time and I am using Easel pro, to learn on, have had a 30 - 40 cnc for a little while as a test and now want to move on to a machine that will help me do the things i need done.
Size matters, would someone please give me the measurements of the actual footprint of an x50 I need to make the table as small as possible because of shop space, will have to deal with places to put stuff above or beside the Onefinity…

The other and real question is:
Am going to put a verticle table parallel to the x axis on the front of the machine, expect that most of the things I will clamp on it will be two pcs of 3/4"plyqoos for cutting pairs of drawer sides and the needed backing to stop tearout, and 1’ X 2" face frame and door tenons. It will have to be on the X axis at the front because of shop space and table design, how much, on the Y axis should I allow, Can make a cover plate or even just a front rail to carry larger pieces that need to go over the opening. Am thinking that about 3" should do. Thoughts?

Hey Tony,

“X-50” does not designate a specific model, but the diameter in mm of the hollow chrome-plated, induction-hardened steel linear motion shafts of the X axis (Differences Between X-50 and X-35). Do you have ordered a Journeyman (48"x32" Cut Area) or a Woodworker X-50 (32"x32" Cut Area)?

The footprint of Woodworker model is in the Onefinity Owner’s manual (to be found on the Support page) on page 15. This gives you the depth of Journeyman and Woodworker which is identical for both models. As for the width, which is the dimensions in which both machines differ, you find it in All Machine Specs.

Unfortunately, you will not find every dimension you may need, e.g. for the outer distance of the machine’s feet. For this, it useful to know this:

Did you also buy a QCW frame (Journeyman, Woodworker), (QCW Frame Manual (to be found on the Support page))?

This forum is full of people who use vertical clamping and presented their own solutions. I watched these efforts regarding vertical workholding with admiring enthusiasm. I found many of these implementations very impressive:

I personnally like Robert’s vertical clamping vise because of the vise clamping.

Welcome to the forum!


Hey Tony,

Note that it may not be wise to use only the minimum dimensions, but that you should allow for some extra space all around, especially if you are building an enclosure (recommended).

The dust boot stands away from the front. If you change to an 80 mm mount to install a 80 mm spindle, this overhang will increase by 15 mm.

The hose also protrudes to the rear, at least if you use a dust boot that leads out to the rear.

Measurements (photos) of PwnCNC v8 dust boot overhang:

(What is the Best Dust Boot for the Onefinity?)

On the left you should reserve at least six centimeters extra if you switch to drag chains later, which means a cable routing more compatible with the permanent motion.

And to the rear and to the right you should reserve some space in case you want to replace the cheap little open-loop stepper motors with closed-loop steppers or servo motors, which can be longer. Note that there is a way to mount the X and the Y axes in the opposite direction, which means Y steppers would be towards front and X stepper would be to the left (and drag chain on the right then). This is possible because you can switch these axes to “reverse” on the Onefinity CNC controller display (under MOTORS).


thank you that is very kind of you to mention my solution.

Hey Robert,

I really like it a lot. At first it looks like a Moxon vise, but it is superior to that because, as you showed me, the wheels stay in place, and the screws do not stick out when clamped, only the front jaw moves back and forth. This is superior clamping. I like order, thus I am a drawer person, which makes me a dovetail person. And I would say with your vise, one can clamp and unclamp drawers’ sides rather quickly!


Thanks for the replies.
My bad should have said X50 woodworker the 32" moddle thanks for all the replies, reason for my concern is that had I had the room would have bought the journeyman, the width is very tight, will have no problem with the X axis stepper on the gantry, the problem is with the width of the machine at table height. measurement B in the manual is not the actual table width. no problem with the front to back length.
To make room for the Onefinity will be dismantling a 3 axis mortiser that we built a few years ago and which has done us well. The new machine will do everything the mortiser does and will be more accurate. Not sure when to begin dismangling the mortiser or where to put the parts. . Currently have 4 routers, 2 Porter Cables 1 Bosch colt and a CT Maximum, now add Makita, on order. .Made me wonder if the Onefinity could handle the weight of the Porter Cables so I could use more of my 1/2" shank bits as well as the 3/8" solid carbide bits in the toolbox…
Biggest problem I forsee is trying to get windows to do what what i want instead of what it wants.