Differences Between X-50 Rails (upgrade) and X-35 Rails (standard)

What’s the difference between the X-50 and the X-35 (original) rails?

The X # refers to the diameter of the tubes. There’s some confusion that it is the length.
X-50 are 50mm diameter tubes at 6mm wall thickness. X-35 is 35mm diameter tubes at 5mm wall thickness. The thicker the tube, the more rigid and heavy the rails are.

When compared to the X-35 (original) rails, the X-50 comes with a larger Stepper Motor with up to 40% more torque, and a 1616 (vs a 1610 original) Ball Screw that delivers 60% more speed with no change to the motor settings.

The X-50 comes in 2 different sizes: Woodworker (32’), Jorneyman (48")

The X-35 comes in 2 different sizes: Machinist (16"), Woodworker (32")

(X-50 rail on left : X-35 rail on the right)

x35 motor specs - Nema 23 Bipolar 1.8deg 1.26Nm (178.4oz.in) 2.8A 2.5V 57x57x56mm 4 Wires - 23HS22-2804S STEPPERONLINE

x50 motor specs - Nema 23 Stepper Motor 1.85Nm/256.9oz.in with 9mm Shaft for NMRV30 Worm Gear Speed Reducer - 23HS30-2804S-RV STEPPERONLINE