Journeyman X50 VS Upgrade

On the shipping date schedule, it lists both the Journeyman X-50 and the Journeyman X-50 Upgrade. Two seperate options. I dont see anywhere on the site that offers the upgrade or an explantion of what the upgrade to the X50 might be?

Upgrades are for upgrading “X35” machines into “X50” machines.
If you’re buying new, buy X50, then upgrade doesn’t apply to you.


if you read all what is written here and here (both already linked by @suprak above) it’s easy to understand:

Journeyman X-50 is an entire machine with 48″×32″ workarea with 50 mm rails on X axis, while the upgrades are one to upgrade your existing Wookworker X-35 (32″×32″ workarea) to a Woodworker X-50 (still 32″×32″ workarea, but with 50 mm rails on X axis then) and the other is to upgrade your Woodworker X-35 (32″×32″ workarea) to Journeyman X-50 (48″×32″ workarea).

Lol, Now I get it. Thanks for pointing that out!