New Woodworker in the box and already time to upgrade?

I’m a new owner of an X-35 Woodworker. As in really new, it just arrived and is sitting here in its boxes.

When I ordered it they were offering the extra “stiffy” X rail at no cost.
A few days ago they announced the X-50 options and now the upgrade program.

All of which leaves me pretty concerned and confused as a new owner. Given the free stiffy upgrade and now the larger diameter rails, what problems existed with the older model? Should I upgrade straight away? Will 50mm become the standard going forward? Although I’m not trilled to spend more now I’d rather have a machine that will grow with me for a long time.

Or do the benefits of the larger diameter tubes really on matter in production use or specific materials?

The x35 will serve you well… Like any product there are enhancements over time… New features.

For me I am doing the journeyman upgrade so I gain the cutting width over the woodworker. I would not have needed the x50 if keeping the woodworker length. It performs great as is

My guess is that the 50mm will become standard as it will simplify - in many ways for their business and future customers - the CNC offerings moving forward. I also do not believe that the 50mm options mean that the original Machinist/Woodworkers are inferior in any way. I will be in a better position to quantify that after picking up my Woodworker this Saturday, and in the future change to the 50mm hardware. Update: I just read a 1F response that stated the X50 version of Woodworker is more rigid than the X35 with stiffy rail.

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OneFinity says that the X-50 will be stiffer than the X-35 with the Stiffy and I believe them but there’s a video of a guy and his son standing on one with no visible flexing. I suspect the X-35 is going to be more than adequate.

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As one user put it (not a direct quote):
If any of your 1F CNCs are flexing when in use, then you are doing something terribly wrong, or something dangerous just happened.


I believe the X-50 will become the standard for the x rail. Not because it is superior to the woodworker x-35 with the stiffy but because it just makes sense from a business standpoint. I wouldn’t be surprised to see y rails in X-50 in the future. Hopefully giving us a full 4’x4’ cutting area. Logistically it just makes sense. Consolidating your supply line to as few differing components as possible simplifies things from supply to assembly. The need for the X-50 came from the development of the Journeyman. Longer span needed more strength. The machine at it’s original size was built like a tank and I am not surprised that they beefed it up even more going larger. They also paid attention to their customer base who drove them crazy wanting an 80mm mount for 80mm spindles. Those way 3x as much as a Makita router if not more. For people wanting to run that on the woodworker the X-50 is a good upgrade. If you plan to run a Makita router or even a 65mm spindle the X-35 is more than strong enough. My recommendation is don’t get wrapped up in the “there is something newer I must have it” mindset. Setup your machine and start using it. Once you know how you will use your machine you will know if you need any of these upgrades. It was at a minimum good enough when you ordered it. Why would it not be good enough just because upgrades were announced? These upgrades were developed out of customers wanting to go bigger not because there were any issues with the current design. You have a beast of a machine sitting there in those boxes. Unleash it and see what it can do. You will be impressed.


I upgraded to get the extra width but also because I’m going to be using a 3hp 80mm spindle. It just made sense to me to spend the extra money. Was it needed to support the heavier spindle? Probably not. But the spindle weights quite a bit more than the Makita. If you have your 1F then I would use it. !F is being extremely nice to it’s customers by offering to do the upgrade down the road if you feel it’s required for how you plan to use it. Since they plan on reusing the X-35 rails that tells me they think they more than meet the strength requirements.

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A more mature company would release a technical bulletin explaining the change, outlining future plans and what types of users would require it.

Given the time and continued experience, which I believe the maturity you speak of requires, I am excited to see what this company grows to become. I think if they continue to be receptive to constructive and often respectful feedback, such as that provided by many in their user base, I think we can expect may great things to come.


Oh yes, I say immature in the sense that a small, growing company cannot do everything. OneFinity has a quality product that I think attracts those of us with engineering backgrounds and we like to see details and reasons. Maturing is the process of aligning yourself with your clients.

My concern/question: is the Woodworker X-50 (X-Axis) comparable with Woodworker QCW Frame? I place an order for the QCW Frame and the Rolling-Folding Stand Leg Kit but seems like the is a difference as far as X-axis dimension between the 2. Sent an email to onefinity team a few days ago and no reply yet :frowning:

They bit off more than they could chew by releasing so many products at once. It doesn’t help that there is a myriad of combinations and as you point out, it all isn’t documented. Hopefully, in the future, new products are released at a pace where full information can be given to potential customers and the company is capable of handling the questions and orders without several days / + week for basic email answers.

Did you mean compatible or comparable. I watched the video they have linked in the description on the ordering page for the secure from bottom, and it looks to show the X50 being used in their demo. Not sure if this helps answer your question.

Hey Mmendez… Yes the Woodworker X-50 and Original will work with the WW QCW Frames and RF Stand. The Woodworker X-50 and Original are identical in both length and mounting. Hope this helps. Talk soon…


I agree that releasing so many accessories and upgrades all at once to celebrate their 1 year anniversary taxed their staff trying to keep up to all the questions and orders. Add it it people like me who have a machine on order and trying to figure out how to sell me the X-50 upgrade when my order is scheduled to ship before the X-50 will ship. People just need a little patience.

To me it’s a company that has a number of passionate people who want to provide great products who may underestimated the demand. I have no problems with that. It’s much better than an occasional upgrade/ accessory or just putting the product out there and milking it like a cash cow.

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Having had my 1F now for over half a year I can say that the x-35 woodworker is everything I had hoped it would be. It is surprisingly more accurate than I expected when I first imagined what was possible. Making cuts .001 and being dead on project after project has made every penny I spent on the x-35 worth it. I see the new offerings as options down the road for all budgets. This allows an entry point for anyone wanting to get into a CNC and the option to start small and then be able to upgrade into a commercial class machine later.
I will probably upgrade once I sell some more projects and have paid for the machine with the stuff I have made with it. This machine will pay for it self in the long run so I don’t think upgrading will be that taxing further down the road.

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Thank you for the Update Mark I just wanted to make sure that my new X-50 would be a good match for the Woodworker QCW Frame set, so that I don’t have to wait another 2 months before I get an upgraded piece, really appreciate that you guys are working so hard to make the Onefinity better than it is, A little complain though, looks like questions on the Forum gets answer faster than send you guys emails, I guess this is the way to go :slight_smile:

Hi David - having used the original with the Stiffy and now the X-50 - either will work well for most applications. If you are getting an 80mm spindle, I think I’d recommend the X50; likewise, if you’re going for the Journeyman, then the X-50 makes sense as well. Given you have the Woodworker, you will be fine with the original 35mm offering.


Thanks, Guru, I was waiting on a Woodworker with the Stiffy but I am getting the 80mm spindle holder so I decided to wait a bit longer and go for the X50.