What is a “Stiffy”

Hi everyone
Can some one explain what a “Stiffy” for woodworker x35? Is it assembled already on the unit? What is the difference from the woodworker x50 ?

It is an extra (3rd) 35 mm diameter tubular rail meant to add rigidity to the original Woodworker design. The Woodworker X50 instead uses two larger 50 mm diameter tubular rails to achieve the same result. The 1F team can correct me if my design assumptions are incorrect.

the x-50 is the newer version but yeah, that is exactly right

Thanks !! I have ordered the x50 woodworker.
Was just wondering about the “stiffy”
I’m guessing your from Toronto ? I’m in Mississauga thanks again

I am, and no problem, happy to help.

So if I have any setup issues you okay if I contact you on this site?

Certainly, however although I now have upgraded to the X50 Woodworker, everything else on my system is modified and will be different from yours. If you search ‘Masso G3 build…’ on the forum you will see my progress over time.

Great thanks. Looking forward to getting it and seeing what I can do with it. I mainly do things out of acrylic ( custom displays and boxes ) and some wood vases for the cases.