Journeyman elite {stiffy}?

I have a journeyman x50 how is the x rail different from the elite series stiffy?

Given the modular nature of the Onefinity machines, I would be surprised if they are different. We will find out shortly… :grinning:

They are the same rail. You can order a stiffy for your x-50 if you’d like.


i have the regular x50 journeyman i thought the "stiffy was not required on the x50 but the Stiffy is the third rail on the elite? why is it needed?I thought the x 50 was the best? so you are saying the x50 with the stiffy is the strongest not the x 50?

The stiffy is not required on any machine.
It is a completely optional item that provides even more stiffness, if you feel you need/want it.

Why is it ‘needed’?
It’s not, unless you think it is.

Less stiff <------------------>More Stiff
x35< x35 w/stiffy = x50 < X50 w/stiffy


ok now I understand so when i upgrade I will basically trade everything but the probe and accessories to get the biggest and the best journeyman you have.
thank you