Machinist: X-50 vs X-35

My primary use for a CNC is cutting wooden gears, so accuracy is paramount. I’ve got a “Machinist” with the “Stiffy” option on order. I am informed that there are no current plans to provide the X-50 option for the “Machinist”; if I want that option I’ve got to upgrade to the “Woodworker”, which runs me into a difficult, but not insurmountable, problem with shop space. I’m wondering if the tradeoff would be significant. Realizing that it’s still early days, can anyone comment on this situation?

Your Machinist will do well with accuracy for what you are doing. Unless you need space for larger gears you will be fine with the one you ordered. All of these machines are very accurate with wood and even aluminum.

Thanks for putting my mind at rest, Alden. The Machinist will, indeed, handle the largest gear I have in mind.

Hi Mike - the standard model will be fine, unless you really want to push your machine. I just got the X50 installed and it operates just like the original. I posted the video this evening.


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