Cable and Vac Management to start off

Hey Pascal,

Elite Series Journeyman has basically the same dimensions as Standard Series Journeyman. What differs is

  • the protruding stepper motor length on the right:
  • and the protruding stepper motors on the rear:

See also Size of physical table actually needed – Post #3 by Aiph5u

  • Controller / Touchscreen holder is different

An other chapter is the height. Besides different stepper motor size, it depends on whether you buy the 3rd stiffy rail and the Z-20 Heavy Duty Z assembly. You may buy this with Elite Upgrade but you can buy both separately for the X-50 Series Journeyman right away.

Note that when you later buy a spindle, the additional weight may tempt you to retrofit a Z stepper with power-off brake (to prevent spindle coming down when powering the machine off by its own weight when holding torque is away) and those are very long (=tall) motors, so plan enough height in you machine enclosure. For an enclosure, I would recommend a good height anyway to not bump your head when leaning forward over the machine to clamp your workpieces.