Elite Table Builds

Hey Joshua,

I really like your project/variation of the Fisher’s table

I would be very interested to know how this will turn out.

How deep is the base? This is what will be crucial for the stability when the machine moves (especially when also using a heavy spindle). I would have assumed that for getting rid of the foldable legs (which I would consider as an advantage since you will get rid of twisting because of uneven ground), you would need a much deeper base.

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you and me both!

i was going to make it 30" but ended up backing it back to 24". i believe Drew had his plans at 22" - so not much but figured a couple extra inches would add the weight, give me a bit more storage in my drawers and provide additional protection to the gantry/spindle when folder/stored.
i have tried tipping it over when its locked in and put a couple hundred pounds of wood on the edge and it didn’t budge, so hoping for the best. I more worried about it just rocking than tipping, but the base is a beast.

and thanks. i am happy how it has turned out. as long as the thing fits on the table!

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Hey Joshua,

Didn’t you check the information on the dimensions?

i did, i just wish i would have made it an inch or two longer just in case. the Elite measurements 64" and change to all extents. my table is 64" and change so will be spot on. just a little too close for my taste. the last thing i would want was the table to flip and catch a motor or something that would tweak/break things.


I did the same thing - started with Fisher’s table and modified it for my Journeyman. But my table is 72"Lx48"D. The 72" dimension gives extra room for the X dimension (48" rails). There’s not a lot of extra space though. On one end I have about 2" of room where the motor hangs off the rail. The other end is where the X wiring goes in so that takes a couple of inches of space because the wire connections come straight out of the tube end. So really only about 6" of “extra” space on the side. I use that to put my bit block (I made a block to store my bits) to keep them close to hand.

I’m thinking an extra couple of inches would be helpful for you with the bigger Foreman.

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Hey Joshua, hey Jim @JimHatch, hey all,

I remember I made a post with recommendations on space to reserve around the machine the other day:

But it is not fair to link you to this after your table is already built :frowning:


well that would have been nice :slight_smile:

but from everything i have seen/read/measured i should be fine, just tight. i do have spacers between my table and the base so i have a little extra room, but would prefer to keep it all in the table dims.

but that post @Aiph5u should help a lot of people. nice work.

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Hey Joshua,

thank you! However I did not yet take into account the new Foreman dimensions.

Is it ok to store the elite machine vertically? I believe Onefinity has said that the machine can’t be wall mounted and that it should be operated in the horizontal position. Haven’t found anything mentioned yet about vertical storage though.

I dont see why it would matter to store it vertically. I plan on making braces for it so it wont move in any direction prior to flipping.

In Thier recent setup video they said that unlike the x-50 machines you cannot move the axis manually if the motors are plugged in because it would cause feedback to the controller.

I don’t fully understand what risk that would introduce to the controller but since it’s closed loop I get the general idea.

That said if the controller moves the axis to the back of the ma hine and you use something to secure the axis during storage you would limit the accidental back feeling risk.

Masso controller supports a “move to park” position feature which can be called by G30, keyboard shortcuts or a dedicated button connected to an input. If you set your park position that aligns with gravity in the vertical storage location there is less risk of an issue, however this may not be the best place to also use the park feature for loading and unloading material - on may be the front left and one might be the middle back for your workflow.


@Wes_Jac_79 @WaywardWoodworker

I understood the constraints with the new motors, but if the gantries are locked into position i don’t see the harm in it unless there is something I am missing.

I’m planning on doing a flip up cart as well. Onefinity documentation shows the Elite attached to the rolling/folding stand, so I assume there is no issue storing it on the side, as that cart is a supported solution.

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@ryans1 Good point. Wonder if there is a locking method on those stands

I’m under the impression that’s a bad idea, but ultimatly would say do so at your own risk

This image is from the PDF downloadable on the official website describing the elite. There are several of such images floating around. If this is not a supported solution, I will not do it, but is this sentence not true? “When combined with the amazin QWC, users can quickly and easily add very solid Fixed or Rolling - Folding legs…The innovative design of the Onefinity give you the option to easily add a solid compact table that can be moved from one location to another.”

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Hey Ryan,

I see not why you would not store the machine vertically. Of course you should set the park position to positions where gravity would let the carriages slide to anyway, or use Jim’s “low-tech” Method.

Operating vertically is another thing. As vertical operation on the Standard Series has shown, you need to adjust the stepper motor currents on MOTORS pages to reflect the forces exerted by gravity during the axes movements. And you can not do stall homing against gravity, only with it. I don’t know the reason why the Elite Series is not allowed for vertical operation while the Standard Series is. @OnefinityCNC probably knows. Possibly it’s because of the weaker X stepper (Standard Series X-50 stepper motor (1.85 Nm), Standard Series Y stepper motors vs. Elite Series closed-loop stepper motors (1.2 Nm))

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That’s my plan. Only store/move around the shop vertically. I would leave it in a gravity neutral place, and possibly build some sort of lock to prevent movement while in the vertical position. I need to come up with some sort of plan for the control screen, since I think it just hangs there, and there aren’t any extension cables yet to put it in a more permanent position further away.

PS: OnefinityCNC’s statement on Elite vertical operation is here