Table size for the Elite Journeyman 48" x 32"

I am unable to determine the minimum size for my CNC table. I plan on mounting the machine on a modified torsion table (I will build). The machine footprint is 60" x 46 5/8". With this, I can use a sheet of 4’ x 8’ plywood for the top. I want to mount the controller on the left beside the frame rails. I cannot find any information about the size of the controller and the required space to mount the machine and the controller. Has anyone done this? Any help will be appreciated.

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Hey Steve,

the Masso G3 Touch itself is 26 × 16 × 9 cm.

The Elite power supply looks like they used the same case as on the Standard Series Onefinity Controller, which is W = 19.5 cm D = 25.3 cm and H = 9.5 cm.

For table dimensioning of Journeyman (both Standard and Elite Series) see here and here.

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Hi Steve,

I have an X-35 with the buildbotics that I upgraded with the X-50 Journeyman rail on top. I’m pretty sure the Elite will be similar footprint, and for mine, I have a 48" by 66" top to mount it to. This gives me 3 inches outside the “feet"on each side (66” dimension), but would not be enough to mount the power supply on top (mine is below the top to limit dust intrusion a bit). It gives me a comfortable margin on the sides to mount a drag chain or whatever, and sufficient room fore and aft that I can set down small things without being “in the path” so to speak. If I did it over again, it would be the same.

Oh, and the power supply is the same size for an Elite, I’m setting up my Foreman now, but having to suffer with shipping damage, but 1F is working with me to get it going.

I Finally set my new Elite on my table last night and if i would have gone any smaller it wouldn’t have fit with my particular setup. my top is 48x64 and it fits within the measurements, but just. now if you don’t mind cords or motors hanging over the edge you can go the outside dimensions of the feet I guess, but i wanted everything in the area of the top and this is pretty much the smallest you can get.
i will post photos when i get it dialed in.

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Ok. Took some photos today how my elite journeyman sits on a 48x64 top. Its tight. But i also dont have much room and was designing to the inch to get it tot fit.

Spoke with OF support and wont be able to flip x/y until they get extension cables made so will have to live with the original setup for awhile which is fine. It works.

So far no issues with the table size… me operating said machine is a different story all together.

The table wobbles way more than i like and will end up putting legs on the front to add stability. Figured as much when i designed it but was hoping. Also didnt anticipate the damn thing being such a beast.

My next table will definitely be bigger



Thanks, I have the Elite Journeyman on order and building my base and table. Final dimensions of my plan are top 72.5 x 49.5. Modified torsion top 48 x 71 x 5 ply and wrap with 3/4 hardwood. Solid base and table, not comfortable with flip or center drop out.


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@stevecartee if i had the space i would have done the same thing. that size seems like it would be perfect.

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