Size of physical table actually needed

I’m looking at purchasing a journeyman with a 32 x 48 cut area, how physically much bigger does the table need to be. So if I’m building the table before I get the machine, what are the dimensions I need to use, I apologize if this has been asked before I’m kind of new. I saw somewhere that it said about 61 3/8 x 53 3/4, that seems kind of really big, again apologies I’m not a computer Internet guy.

The outside dimensions of the feet would be 42.5" x 60.5" which is the absolute smallest you could make a table. This would leave the stepper motors and wiring hanging over the edges of the table which is probably not advised because it could lead to accidentally hitting them as you move around the table. I’d suggest 48" x 65" as the minimum size table to extend under the stepper motors and wiring.

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Hey John,

someone just asked what to add around the bare machine recently, I answered space to reserve around the machine, also dust boot overhang (front and rear), space for serious cable management (drag chain width computation), the protruding length of the Journeyman X stepper motor to the right and of the Y stepper motors to the rear (and possibly longer specimens, if upgrading to closed-loop steppers or servos later (see also Upgrade to Elite Series)). Note that the rear Y steppers can also be at the front and the X stepper on the left, since you can mount the rails in the other direction and then check the “reverse” setting in the controller in case you want the steppers at the other side. Also think of protruding stock cable connectors on front and side. I would take into account the possibility to put an enclosure (e.g. like this one) later.

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The machine dimensions are in the manual. You can look at them and decide what size you want to make your table. My table top is 48" x 72".

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Thank you so much, I am really quite astounded about it. Everybody jumps in to try to help somebody that is very new, it’s making me feel really good about my woodworking journey.


I am making my journeyman table 48 x 65. But i am also mounting the controller/screen on a seperate side table.

I did a pretty detailed model to make sure everything was inside the table boundary minus the screen controller.

Still waiting on mine to be delivered though. So TBD.

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Can you share your progress of the table build? I am stilling looking for inspiration and my order is coming soon.

I discussed more here

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Progress has been slow due to other things taking priorities but the base structure is done. There will be a removable portion in the gap at the front for my vertical clamping section.

With all the shipping confusion about the Elite series it seems I have time still.


Thats going to be a beast! Nice work.

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