Foreman detailed sizing


I am hoping to find more detailed measurements for the foreman. The spec sheet has the measurement from the outside of the dragchain to the opposite steppermotor. I need the rail to rail size and it’s height

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I also would LOVE to know how large a table to build for proper/ease of use. Also the distance from the home position to the forward edge of mounting brackets.


I need this too. My table design has the CNC sitting below a work table. I either have to make a wild-a** guess or start building the day it arrives. There’s no reason to keep this a secret. The dimensions are known, release them.


Indeed, it is concerning

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X = 70 inches
Y = 75 inches
Z = 25 inches

These measurements include room for wires, motors, and the screen being in the fullest extended forward position.


Thanks for the reply, I’m confused those measurements are larger than the footprint, I’m only looking for exactly what is printed for the other machines here

it’s been posted for a while:


Looking for this:

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Are the dimensions of the elite journeyman the same as the X50 journeyman?

As I said in my first post, I’m not looking for that measurement, Im looking for “B”. The same measurement that is listed for every other machine but the foreman. Not looking to be rude, but I can’t understand why this is so complicated, just looking for the same spec sheet the other machines have.

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Thanks! That’s helpful. I did want outside measurements but I’ll take what I can get at this point

Thank you this will definitely help!

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Thanks, this will help.

To answer a question i was having somewhere… it looks like it will fit on a full sheet of 5x5 baltic birch (1/32 of each side would hang out on the x, but thats a few pieces of paper…)

For those fishing for enclosures, heres the height.
All information found in the manual just released


Maybe this has been answered somewhere, but I was hoping someone could show the maximum cut/engrave area in relation to the elite foreman’s footprint. And hopefully with dimensions relative to one of the Y-axis feet.

btw - using an 80mm spindle

what approximately is the total height with the QCW, 50 mm Stiffy & All surface leveling system ?
thank you

Sorry an old post but would these measurements be good & enough room for building and enclosure? I need the enclosure for sound & some dust collection. Thanks!

Are there any issues with things sticking out past the table edges, like the end of rails, drag chain, monitor? The table I’m building is just big enough to allow the brackets to sit right on the edges of the top.