The Table basic

Nice job! I’m looking at doing something similar. I have a friend who suggested that I not place casters on the legs as this makes the table a bit unstable. What are your thoughts on the use of casters.

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It definitely makes it wiggle a bit. But depending on your setup, you could likely find a way to clamp it to the wall. Once the firmware was updated to increase the jerk rate, it definitely moved around a bit more. I’d always planned on adding cabinets underneath to add more weight, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

All that being said, the casters were optional. The leg kit, by default, comes with screw in adjustable height feet. But my box was damaged during shipping and two of the feet were missing, so I just stuck with the casters.


OF shows it on the table in the open . Are you saying it is very susceptible to dust and chips. If it is let me know an could you give me dimensions that allow for the wires. So sorry to ask but concerned. Alden what is your table like?
Thank you again I owe you!

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I have my controller right next to it as well. Right now I have devised a simple shield that drapes over the controller like an umbrella just to keep chips and dust from landing on it. There is a small intake fan on the wired end in the lower corner that if it had some kind of filter it would be great. I’m still thinking of devising one for extra protection. The controller is 10 inches long but my shield is twice that long. I don’t use dust collection while running my machine, I just shop vac after each job. Here’s a photo I just took.

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You continue to really impress me as you share your time. I love the simplicity of your solutions. And how you repurpose items. I know I’m not suppose to change topic but I have to ask do you cut your own limb cookies and dry them yourself . Last ? For today what is being engraved in this photo
You Rock

Hi @Dustydave
I made mine W52” x D48” although I wish I had made it 50” depth since I will have both an enclosure and a Suckit dust boot…once it all arrives in late April.


I very much appreciate the geometry of your design - great form and function.

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Thx @TMToronto
Im 6’3” and it has that nice eyeball-saving angle when opened.:smirk:

Are the blocks attached to the top of the base at the sides to help with lateral stability? Also, are the hexagon sides cut from one solid piece for strength?

I would say YES, and they also secure it to the table as well as guide the doors into closed-position.
Those are not cut as solid pieces, but rather doubled 1/2” Baltic Birch assembled like a picture frame. I even used a frame stapler on a few joints. I added some 1/8” thick steel bar in a few strategic places (the spans).


Okay, that’s seriously cool.

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Thx @AdamsLeatherWorks
Appreciate the comment. Working on lighting and the power center next.

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Come on now in my book that is not basic it is quite complex 4 doors and 4 gas struts I love it. I will take this to heart as well as your desire to have the table 50” deep

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LOL…yeah, the enclosure is beyond basic…but what’s a guy gonna do while waiting 3 mos for his machine?
The basic part, and point, was to share about “sizing ahead” for an enclosure.
Good luck with your build!

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Thanks for the compliments. The piece being carved are two scrap pieces of a tree slice I had laying around glued together. I found a Mandalorian Man STL file on Etsy for under $2 and am carving it in the photo. I’m making it into a clock. I will post a photo when completed. I do cut my own tree slices when able.


I posted this on FB, some liked it, some didn’t. To me its a great idea. This was shared with me from a friend Robert Brock who made it for his. I just ordered the filters so I can make my own. To me, its like a small filter on a CPAP machine, change it or blow it out every 30 days and it should work just fine.

A small modification to the filter case has to be made to allow it to fit over the controller bolt head.

Take it for what you want, I’m just sharing it.




I do not understand how this can be a bad thing. Unless you forget to clean the filter.for me it would be just another reminder on my calendar.the mod looks straight forward. Maybe be I should monitor interior temp with and without the filter, I’ll just add that to the list of things todo when my unit comes in.:crazy_face::+1:t3:

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Hey David,

I’m in Henrietta, NY , we few other owner in the area now. I got my machine last September. I built 5’ x 5’ table and I will build an enclosure this spring.
I really need to take a new picture of my machine on the table… :smile:


I am in Marion .I like those metal leg brackets. You have had the tables for a while now . I can do the 60” width but I can’t do 60” deep will 50” work? I would love to see current photo.

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Good Goin’ Grant! I like the concept! :+1: