Elite Table Builds

Looking to learn from others as I design my table. I ordered the Foreman so the footprint of the machine is 64"x62.6".


  • Must contain the entire dimensions of the machine within the table footprint.
  • Must be on a mobile base.
  • Must have a removable section for vertical carve capabilities.
  • Must have storage for bits and machine extras.

I was thinking about building 68"x68"x34" square table with 6 lockable casters. The removable section would probably be 12" deep by 40" wide? Drawers of various sizes would line the back and sides.

I don’t know how to plan for the controller mounting solution yet and I believe there’s a separate power box and future VFD to think of. Is there anything else I should have in mind? I have dust collection and power in the floor next to where it will sit.

here are a couple of designs for vertical holding tables. if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer what i can. Show us your vertical clamping methods!

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Thank you for that link. Im most perplexed by how I should plan for that large Masso controller. I know it can mount on the rails but not sure if thats a convenient location.

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