Show us your vertical clamping methods!

There seems to be plenty of interest in vertical clamping of stock for end grain joinery.

Certainly, the brain trust of this forum has a lot of creativity - please post pics of YOUR table mods for the vertical clamping of boards. Thanks!

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Here’s my setup. Allows for 4" vertical in the Y-axis and 27.5" in the X-axis with boards up to about 34" long. Everything is permanent/in place.

Dog holes are for repeatable piece alignment. T-tracks for clamping. I’ve only done a few test projects but the setup is working ok so far. I will probably make some clamping changes in the future.

Hey Mike,

Search term was “vertical”

I watched these efforts regarding vertical workholding with admiring enthusiasm. I found many of these implementations very impressive, or what do you think?

thanks for pulling these together.

I intended this thread to (hopefully) be a one-stop shop for vertical clamping ideas. I’d guess there may be several more designs that have not been posted yet, and this could provide a landing pad for those additional designs…

I have this video bookmarked as an example of vertical work holding. It is for an AvidCNC, but the owner has an innovative design with respect to the attachment locations and options for clamps and stops. I like the way he explains how he overcame some of the challenges along the way. Skip to the half way mark (~15 min) if you are not interested in how he sets up his horizontal table/waste board system.
Horizontal and Vertical table on an AvidCNC

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I’ve always liked Jay’s design talents. He expands here on the original design by Frank Howarth (Vertical CNC Table and New Spoil Board - YouTube). In both cases, these guys have massively framed CNCs, and can “afford” (space, money) to add some additional (and robust) aluminum extrusions. I, like you, are looking at ways to “scale down” what they’ve done at a reasonable cost both in money and space. Thanks for the post.

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I agree. At least all of these ideas provide opportunity for adaptation to our foot print and needs (budget, space,…) I do like the geometry of his dog holes.

Hey Mike,

in this forum there has always been the approach of summarizing everything on one topic in one thread. But that only worked for a few:

For other attempts, some were followed for a certain time, e.g.

but the topics have been restarted in many new threads and the valuable information is
scattered across many posts. This means that for the topics Spindle, VFD, Huanyang, Drag Chain, Table, Enclosure, Tool change, Automatic Tool Changer, ATC, Laser, and Vertical there is a myriad of postings. That’s why one can say, the goal of bundling certain topics that interest many users hardly works.

I suggest to use “Bookmark” functionality of this forum (hidden behind the little three dots at the bottom of a posting) to collect valuable information.

Among those that I bookmarked are these that I like:

Anyway I wish you good luck with your new thread!

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