My table with vertical holding

Yes, I know 4x4 is overkill, but I had a bunch of this left over from my outdoor kitchen build so why not? as you can see in the center (sort of), are two acme 5/8 x8 screws for my moxon type vice for vertical holding as i plan to do lots of drawers both dovetails and finger joints. The vice will be there permanently, and a removable table and spoil board insert will cover it. In fact, the vice is designed to actually hold the insert in. I have the handles coming Saturday. i will post many more pictures with links in the days to come but i couldn’t resist posting this now. I am about ready to order my journeyman… probably Monday.


ok I couldn’t help myself I am now officialy a onefinity customer. Order #30641. I best get studying that damned software. i ordered the vcarve pro and the journeyman. got a bigger monitor third party, the probe (no aliens involved) along with some goodies from that rowdy roman guy.and a few things frrom amazon.


Hey RoberT :slight_smile:,

now this looks nice. I have some 4"x4" (10 x 10 cm) here too and was thinking about to use it for a Onefinity table, but I will wait until I have moved to where I can weld one from steel profiles that allows for more 3D space between the rails for a rotary axis.

Instead of screws for moxon vises¹ you could also directly use screws for german/scandinavian front vises², e.g. like shown here: Bench screw for German and Scandinavian L-shaped front vices. They have a part that attaches very simply to a wooden jaw.

1: Double-screw vise, in: Moxon, Joseph: Mechanick Exercises or the Doctrine of Handy-Works. London (1703 edition)
2. German/Scandinavian (L-shaped) Front Vise: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3

I think you will not be disappointed, neither with the machine nor with the software :slight_smile:

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the nice part of this particular design is that the screws stay in place they do not stick out when unclamped only the front jaw moves back and forth

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Hey Robert,

I understand. Will be happy to see the further completion stages if you post them!

I am making progress every day

It looks nice, one suggestion I’ll make is to give yourself some material on the fixed side of the clamping fixture that you can machine parallel with the Onefinity once it’s mounted to correct any out of parallel/square that might exist in the table. If I build another table I’d change my clamping fixture to be parallel to the Y axis instead of the X axis as I’ve had 2 occasions where the operator didn’t ensure the X axis was squared before running through 100 bd ft of lumber… a not parallel axis turns out wonky drawers :wink:

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understood. this thing is as square and level as I can make it and the vice fixture itself will be aligned with the top as well. but thank you for remining me to pay attention to those details. I straightened and squared up each piece to all the same dimensions before assembly. When I put the level on it every piece touched with no gaps and was perfectly level. I had clamped each piece in before securing them.

You should get your license right away. If you search YouTube for Vcarve you’ll find many hours worth of tutorials and examples. They are extremely helpful and will give you an idea how to tackle about any project

well, I only ordered it this afternoon so I will be checking on it tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, and…


got my license today and did the download thing.

i said before i am making progress every day but today it feels like i am in a olding pattern one tiny part is preventing me from going forward on the vice or to be more technical my vertical holding device lol. 10 mm double split ring clamp. well it should be here wednesday so two more days. did my lathe work on the “moxon” modified screws. shown below.

I got the handles in, and the screw parts done on the lathe. I’m just waiting on the darned clamps then i can install the moving jaw as shown in the second picture then on with the top. and then wait for the journeyman to arrive.

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Here are a few more pics of the new vice and 90 degree holding /backer board I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. and yes, this is square to the top and will be square to the machine
(journeyman) when I install it. it is also dead level you can see in one of these pics the fence on the left-hand side to orient the boards for vertical holding

Oh and i put a little dust groove in that fence as well. it is in the last pic.

thanks for all the encouragement i have gotten here I am looking forward to bugging all of you as i screw up after i get my machine. LOL


Hey Robert,

this looks very nice.

The dust groove is a plus.

Would you share the source for the screws and the handles and how you modified them?

I have another question: On the frame, did you do mortise and tenon joints there, or are the 4x4s just cutting edge to side, and bolted through? I mean the cross pieces. I see you have joints at the corners.

How did you attach the feet to the bottom and top frames?

ok feet first they are bolted through top and bottom with 6 inch Timber lock style screws I only did half lap joints on the top corners the rest were timber lock screws, two, so they wont twist. (yes I got lazy) but the whole thing is very square flush and level. I got the handles on amazon


Visit the Othmro Store

$13.28 for two.
i used acme thread 5/8-8 i got six feet of it for about Threaded Rod, Low Carbon Steel, 5/8-8x6 ft
thirty bucks.


I used 8 quarter rock maple for the movable jaw and then laminated a piece maple onto that jaw so that it missed the fence on the mounting board. I plan to add t tracks to that board. then reinstall it to the frame as it is now. When I finish mounting the top you will not even know it has vertical holding. This table is turning out to cost plenty. I got 2 sheets of 3/4" MDF today at sixty-one bucks each and a sheet of haff inch plywood for the bottom shelf and that was 35 bucks, so even though I had most of the 4x4’s left over from another project I will still end up spending a bundle on the raw table, not to mention all the accessories and upgrades with the machine and dust collection. Turns out that the machine itself is only about half what you are going to spend on CNC.


You are right about the Money. My Journeyman was $5000 as ordered with the over/ under and all accessories. I then have added dust collection system, more bits, table components, router and a whole bunch of miscellaneous stuff. Probably got $7000 invested and haven’t cut my first project yet. Based on the mdf dust going to have to buy a hepa filter system also.

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Any new pictures? Im thinking about a verticle wasteboard setup for the Foreman and would like to hear if you have finished and if theres changes youd recommend.

no new pics yet but I would not change anything.

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