Vertical table for joinery

Has anyone incorporated a vertical clamping surface for mortice and tenon joinery?

Just came to the forums to ask the same exact question. Was thinking about trying to do a small scale version of Jaybates’ vertical table

Just so. It seems easily accomplished as long as you stay within the limitations along the y axis

This was my solution - still need to put together the “vertical” piece to hold boards. I can replace the cut-out piece, have it rest on something solid, to ensure I’m 100% back to flat when I’m not doing vertical work.


Looks great Mike. Interested to see the follow up!

Nice solid looking table Mike. What are your outside dimensions and by chance are you considering making an enclosure over it?

The top is 49x60, kept the MDF full size in one direction to avoid 1 cut…

I’m not planning on an enclosure, but one would certainly fit on this.

Awesome, thanks for getting back so quick. I now have a plan!