Moxon vise inset

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I’ve been out of the loop for a while with a move and purchase of the X50 upgrade. Working on a new shop and table for the new x rail. I was curious if anyone has set a moxon vise into the front of their tables to utilize dovetail work? It seems like a decent option and could probably go as wide as 18" or so. My thought is to offset it to the front right of the bed surface and inset it deep enough to allow the handles on the screws to flush with the front so when not in use they are out of the way. This would require a section of the bed surface of a about 24" W x 8" to 10"D. What I haven’t wrapped around my head around yet is how to incorporate a working surface for standard work over this inset. I guess I could build it up with a waste board and throw some t track on it and then just gap the waste shy an 1/8 or so at the opening as to not interfere with the claiming. Any other thoughts out there? (chicken scratch attached).

Someone here built a table with a Moxon vice in it. Damned if I can find it now. I seem to remember him showing some test cuts making finger joints. You may be able to find it under vertical holding tables. Strikes me as a good idea, too late for me. I built my table with a removable panel to accomodate work like this but I think I’m just going to use clamps that fit into dog holes in the vertical panel to hold work in place. If that doesn’t work out there’s plenty of room for me to retrofit a Moxon vice myself.

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I like this one, it’s better than a Moxon :slight_smile:

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That’s exactly what I would like to do. Only change I’ll make is a rabbet to slide the " trap door" into. Might help a bit with normal clamping op’s.

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