Vertical workholding table

Building my table before the machine arrives and trying to decide how much space to leave for vertical workholding. I was thinking 12 inches on the Y axis and 48 on the X, but maybe that’s too much? My design will basically have a piece of table that is removable to allow for vertical clamping but will stay installed for normal work.

Also check the height of your table as that will limit the length of material you can joint.

Leigh dovetail jog is about 30inches so it sounds ok.

Here’s a picture of how I did this.

I have about 9" available for the depth of the opening. About 20" wide.

I’ve been thinking about this as well; in fact it’s the main reason I got the QCW and the legs. A quick swap of one of the waste board pieces garners access for vertical pieces. Just need to think of some clamping solutions but that shouldn’t be too hard. Well, no harder than patiently waiting for my accessories anyway.

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I can see how that would work - you’d be aligned differently than my solution and would have a narrower opening, but it would be possible.