Elite foreman cnc

Looks like really great cnc.I just wish there was way to make it portable.lot of woodworker have small shop something foldable kinda like your guys mobile base for other i that would be great idea.

Hey Anthony,

you mean an accomodation to the 48" x 48" Foreman size of some flippable table like …

Here you can see a Fisher-style table that includes the capability of Vertical clamping:

Here I collected a few links to table concepts I found remarkable (and also a remarkable enclosure):

This one allows working on very high workpieces as its machine bed is open:

This is made of 4" × 4" beams and looks rock-solid.

Interesting the vertical clamping vise:

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Yes I think it be great addition with wheels and the table folds like the other model. I would go something the fisher style but I’m tight on space I’m using like the bora caterpillar work bench because its so compact holds lot of weight I still gotta get planet jointer combo from fielder and lathe and upgrade my old delta table in my shop all my other stuff is in my basement I had to basically carry it I’m out of the basement

Hey Anthony,

but the Foreman is really heavy and big. I think it’s true that you maybe would not able to fold it. But on a Fisher-Style table, I would see no problem, as long as you take care to fix the carriages before flipping. Have you seen Jim’s winch?

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Your right. but I’m sure it’s still lighter than cast iron router table with router lift and built in storage and I aslo have bikes and lawn equipment and generators so I’m already out room.

Hey Anthony,

I agree, generally it’s nice if any tool, how heavy it might be, can be moved away. Like this!

I’m working on a foot design with a threaded section that will allow the use of leveling casters. I don’t plan to move the CNC daily, just have a way once a year to move it when I need to etc.

It’s taking a bit of work and time and I need to confirm it when my Foreman and table arrive (#34311) but these should work very well.