Poll: How often do you store the machine in the flipped up state?

Hey all!

This poll is for all who use a flippable table design, e.g. like Jim @JimHatch’s modification of the Fisher-style table concept to accomodate the 48″x32″ Journeyman which can be seen under Lessons Learned for Flip/Fold up/down Tabletop, or like Joshua’s @RockingMallet flippable table variant for the Elite 48″x32″ Journeyman or Lee’s @TDE Fold Down Wall Mounted CNC Table or William’s @WmColl46 flippable table with vertical clamping possibility, or who simply bought the Rolling-Folding Stand Leg Kit:

How many percent of the time have you stored the machine in the flipped up state?
  • 0 % (never)
  • 10%
  • 20%
  • 30%
  • 40%
  • 50%
  • 60%
  • 70%
  • 80%
  • 90%
  • 100% (always)

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Another question for those who use a flippable design:

Is your setup made for running the machine when it is flipped up?
  • no, flipping up only for storage
  • yes

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I made my own flip up rolling cart that works great but saves a lot of space for a 15x15 shop


Hi Bill, do you have photos of your flip-top cart?

Can I answer “always” if I wall mounted mine?

Hey Nick,

this poll is only for users that use a flippable design (that may however be wall mounted like Lee one’s).

There is the other poll that asks for general setup

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10 percent folded is my best estimate.
20x22 foot shop…Retired mainly hobby.
4’ by 4’ table (with hidden vertical clamping pit.)
I should be able to run it vertical, but never tried it!
(When folded the extra space is nice for that rare large project.)

Pivot point 16" from the back (one third of table).
Which means the router (spindle) should be parked at the very back for easier lifting or lowering.

(I know, pivot point near the center achieves better balance, but I’m 6’4" and wanted a higher table. Personal preference on your design.)

Note: In the lower photo I’m trying to show two holding-support sticks that keep the router at the top when folded vertical. Otherwise, as soon as the power is turned off the axis will migrate to the bottom creating a hefty lift!


Hi Grant,
Aiph5u listing above has a link to more photos. If you are interested in more, or questions, let me know.

I’m not sure your asking me because I see William also answered. Here is my design I did. Just scroll down to see the actual finished product. I also have the Sketchup file as well. It works really great with no issues at all


I am maybe 30% now that i got everything working well. I still do a lot of general woodworking and so nice to have it out of the way in my 10x12 shop. Damn thing takes up 25% of the footprint when in use. Makes it pretty tight but the table works very well. glad i built it this way.

I also have supports that the gantry locks to prior to flipping that put the x gantry over the piviot point. Flips very easy.