Flip Cart and putting the 1F upside-down

I’m a month out till my machine is delivered, so I’m starting to get the small foot print in my shared garage ready. And by small, it’s a two car garage. One car parked inside, on the other spot my father-in-law has the front half and all my tools need to pack in to the back half. So everything need to be on wheels and if possible has multiple purposes.

That said one look at a flip Cart like https://youtu.be/1vJxB9Ke7pY and what Fisher’s Shop is building right now. I know the machine is robust enough to hang vertically, but can it hang upside down?

I would use the pivot pipe with a tee to bring in the Y wires. Giving me the ability to flip the top with everything attached and be able to use the bottom side as another table space when not using the cnc.


Definitely sounds like you are thinking along the same lines as the flip top Fisher’s Shop is in the process of building for his 1F. I am also waiting for him to release the plans and video to determine if that is the way I am going to go for my 1F that is ordered. Delivery in March for mine. Definitely curious on the same questions as you.


One car garage here as well. With the rest of the tools, space is at a premium. For the 1F, I basically made a torsion box design cantilevered from a masonry wall. Will allow me to store my table saw under it, store plywood horizontally behind the tablesaw, and I’m under the garage door track. I used some heavy desk legs as the support, tapconed into the masonry wall. With the depth of the torsion box, I incorporated 2 storage drawers and the controller will hang next to the drawers.