Another Option for a Flip Up Table

I like many others are patiently (OK maybe impatiently) waiting for my Onefinity to arrive. I also like many others have limited space in my shop so wanted another option that didn’t take up floor space when not in use or could be stored away withtout taking up floor space.

I was designing various flip up devices based on gas struts to accommodate the weight and slides to get off the floor. I anticipated that my full torsion box with the Onefinity woodworker would be in the 300 lbs range so much to heavy to handle myself. I then saw the simple and inexpensive solution via a 220 lbs hoist at Princess Auto for less than $100.00 Cdn. With that in mind, I came up with a flip up design mounted to the wall.

Just sharing as an alternative for others.

I loaded it up with enough weight to simulate the Onefinity and it works very well. The hoist is only a single speed hoist and had enough capacity to lift the table without being reeved, I reeved it to reduce the speed. I also added a porch spring at the end to reduce the shock load. To me it’s acceptable now but wanting to try out adding some shocks at the base of the legs just as a trial.


Great idea and application! Have you given any thought to just add a strap around the folded body rather than having the peg leg?
A really good use of space on your part!

I have a design to have an “automatic” latch at the top that I still might do but even if I do that, the peg leg idea is just so rudimentarily safe and takes virtually all the load off the wall which I like. But you are right in your observation that its a pretty “flintstone” approach to what is otherwise a pretty neat concept if I don’t say so myself.


Nice design. Very nice use of space. I am really impressed with your design.